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Fanfold Paper
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X200 SSD Installation


I wonder if someone would be so kind as to help me transfer my Windows 7 Pro  HDD contents to a new Intel 545s 128 GB SSD?


I have spent quite a lot of time trying to determine just how to do this, but--my Apologies!--I really cannot figure it out...It would be GREAT if someone would Post the steps I need to accomplish.


I want to transfer all the data on the Old HDD to the New SSD / remove the HDD and put it in storage / install & use the New SSD...sounds so simple, yes..?!


Thanks, everyone.    Michael





Support Specialist
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Re: X200 SSD Installation

Hi LaverdaSFC! Sorry for the delay. What I can suggest is to clone the HDD to SDD. Kindly download the Macrium Reflect. Below are the steps:

1. Open the app and click on the disk you want to clone. Make sure that the device is connected.
2. Click Clone this disk --> Select a disk to clone to…
3. Click on the destination disk - this can be an external hard drive or an internal drive connected by an enclosure. Remember, this process will erase any data stored on the destination drive.


*If the storage size is different, follow the steps below before proceeding to the next step.
a. Click the C: partition --> Click Cloned Partition Properties
b. Change the value so that the partition grows or shrinks depending on whether you're moving to a smaller or larger drive then click on OK.



4. Click Next when all partitions have been dragged over to the destination drive

5. Click Next to see a summary of what you're about to clone. This is a good time to ensure the drive letters are all correct.

6. Click Finish --> click OK



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: X200 SSD Installation

Hello, & thanks for your assistance...I apprreciate it!


Here's where I am: the X200 currently has an Intel 128 GB SSD installed, that's running Win 7 Pro. I also have a WD 160 GB HDD ( that was original to the X200 ), that I have installed Win 10 Pro on ( VIA a 'built-in' upgrade feature, from Microsoft ). 


I like to swap-out the Intel SSD for the WD HDD from time to time, just to try out Win 10.


So: what I'd like to do, is install Win 10 Pro on the same Intel SSD that Win 7 Pro is, so that I could decide which OS to run on a given day, when I turn The Old ThinkPad (!) on.


Someone has suggested that it's entirely possible to have Win 7 Pro & Win 10 Pro on one SSD, and I'd certainly like to know how to accomplish this.


Oh: I did download and use Macrium Reflect to initially install Win 7 on the Intel SSD...then, having safely made sure that I had a copy of 7 that Win 10 couldn't erase (?! ), I went to Microsoft, and downloaded & installed Win 10 on the WD. you know it all!


Thanks again for your help!


Sincerely, Michael.   

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X200 SSD Installation

Hello again!


My apologies if I am revisiting an old issue, but: I am having FAR MORE TROUBLE THAN I SHOULD when I want to Post a New Topic!




I've gone to Many Websites in my life, and I have NEVER seen one that's as difficult to navigate as this one.


A suggestion: simply (!) present a dialogue box that recognises most requests, & will take the Registered User there...the existing scheme really does seem illogical, and results in confusion / lack of respect for Lenovo / reduced sales (!! ).


Really. I almost never complain, but Lenovo's way of presenting information is NOT EASY TO UNDERSTAND!


( least, for this user! )  




So: this being said, I have another Question I'd like to ask: My ThinkPad X200 Tablet's UltraBase is very 'touchy' i.e., with the X200 attached, a very slight movement will result in an alarm. What's happening, & how may I fix it?


As always: THANKS, everyone!


Sincerely, Michael 

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