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Blue Screen Again
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X200 Tablet - BSOD -caused by tsmservice.exe

Hello Community,


I got an Lenovo

X200Tablet 7453BD5

BIOS vers.: 7WET71WW (3.21)


I installed a SSD on my Notebook. I installed Windows 7 on it (more than 5 times), the former OS was Vista on the shipped Notebook.


The Software which causes the BSOD is the service 'TabletSVC'/'TABLET Service' with the execution TSMService.exe. If I stop the service or even not allow to start automated it with Windows. I have no problems with shuting down (restart, hibernate, power off) within 15s the notebook is off.

If the service is still running I probably see the shuting down Window for about feeled 10 Minutes until it shows me an BSOD.


What I've tried meantime. Installed other version of the Tablet Shortcut Menu ->[URL=

Tablet Shortcut Menu[/url].

I also installed the system step by step over the lenovo System update, so I saw what caused the problem. Now I use a shortcut on my desktop which do an net stop 'Tablet Service' and an shutdown. That's functionally but not nice.


Does someone else had/have this problem? And have a solution for it?





Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: X200 Tablet - BSOD -caused by tsmservice.exe

This is caused by an incompatibility between tsmservice.exe and some versions of Lenovo Power Management driver.

Can you check what version of Lenovo Power Management driver is installed?


You need version (or older), or else (or newer).


Versions in between cause this problem.  Sorry for this inconvenience.


Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎11-13-2014
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Re: X200 Tablet - BSOD -caused by tsmservice.exe

Meanwhile I got an update for the PM Driver over the windows update. After that I tested the functionality of the service without stopping it for shutdown. All runs fine now.

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