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Fanfold Paper
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X200 Tablet SSD maintenance

I have a Lenovo X200 Tablet with a 128-gigabyte SSD. So far, it's wonderfully fast and long on battery life, so "yay."


How do I keep it this way, though? I usually use System Mechanic, but its support doesn't say a thing about "SSD," "Solid state disk" or "solid state drive." That doesn't make me sanguine, so my question is:


Is there such a thing as disk defragmentation with an SSD? If so, what do I do about it? It strikes me that tools meant for magnetic media could wreak all kinds of havoc.

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Re: X200 Tablet SSD maintenance

If you ask me, I would say disk defragment help boost performance especially when reading and writing large files-- and what Lenovo recommends is defragging by its tool--you may read @inside the box, Lenovo's blog for some interesting aspect.


I don't think tool matters. They all do the same basically, but you should not defrag that often. However, If it comes with like 3-year warranty,  you don't have to care about that =) just backup often. If it breaks one day, just ask for replacement!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X200 Tablet SSD maintenance

Thanks. I checked the support site, but not the blog. Since I'm at 27% fragmentation, it's good to know.
Token Ring
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Re: X200 Tablet SSD maintenance

An SSD does not store data the same way a rotating disk does.  Since all flash memory chips have a finite number of erase cycles before they stop working the Flash File System automatically spreads data out among the flash chips for wear leveling.  The actual physical location where your data is stored is not the same as the logical address the system reports back to you.  So I doubt defragging would help performance much, if at all, on an SSD, and it will actually use up some of your limited erase cycles.


I could be wrong but I don't think you want to defrag an SSD.

What's DOS?
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Re: X200 Tablet SSD maintenance

Do NOT defrag your SSD. Defragging is only useful in magnetic media where you get maximum transfer rates when the head does not have to move around the platter too much and the files are stored contiguously. On flash based media, this is a non-issue. Defragmenting your SSD will probably shorten its life-span, mainly because SSDs, like all flash media, have a limited number of read-write cycles before they wear out, and defragging is very intensive on those cycles.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: X200 Tablet SSD maintenance

Thanks; so procrastination saved me some read-write cycles!
Token Ring
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Re: X200 Tablet SSD maintenance

"Defragging" is not an effective solution.


Most likely you won't need to do any maintenance as the Samsung controllers have not been plagued by the stuttering of the JMicron controllers or the "internal fragmentation" of the Intel controllers.


However, if you do feel that your SSD has become sluggish, I would recommend the following process:


  • Image your SSD to a file on an external HDD or NAS (I prefer Self-Image).
  • Download HDD erase, and place it on a DOS bootable USB key or SD card (try the HP format utility). 
  • Boot into the BIOS and set SATA to "Compatibility mode"
  • Press F12 for the bootloader, and boot off the USB/SD device
  • Execute HDD erase and accept the warnings.
  • Execute an "Enhanced secure erase" - This will clear EVERY block on the SSD in under 5 minutes and return it to a factory fresh state. 
  • Re-Image the SSD fromt the file on your exteranl HDD or NAS.


This process is the same method that PC-Perspective used to fix long term problems with the Intel x-25M


Note, I am not recommend that anyone do this as regular maintenance.  However, if you believe that performance of your SSD has degraded, this is almost certainly the fastest and most effective way to fix it. 

Paper Tape
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Re: X200 Tablet SSD maintenance

You should not defrag SSDs like you defrag conventional drives, but free space consolidation at the file system level is said to help to restore random write performance after a period of usage. Since file system fragmentation does not increase read times or sequential write times, only the random write problem needs to be addressed.

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