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X200 Tablet Superbright vs Multitouch Screen advice please

It's a long story but it ends with the fact that I'm looking to get another X200 Tablet.

As much as I liked my first Multitouch Screen X200, I'm considering going with the SuperBright screen this time.

I had the Multitouch with W7 running fine but I found that I rarely used touch. The pen just worked better.

The incremental price is not an issue; more the quality of use for web and garmin mapsource etc.


Could anyone advise about the comparison, eg. short comings of the Superbright screen in a pen-only use?



Thinkpad X200T 7448-CTO 1.86Ghz 4gb 128gbSSD W7-32
Thinkpad R61 2x2.5Ghz 2gb 2x500gb W7-32
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Re: X200 Tablet Superbright vs Multitouch Screen advice please

The term Superbright isn't misleading, it makes a difference in sunlight and on more than one occassion our employees recieve complaints and requests to dim their LCD's by flight attendants when traveling on commercial airliners at night because it seems to annoy multile rows of seats behind them that it is impossible to determine just which passenger griped about it.


A few of our staffers complain about headaches since they don't remember how they set their LCD to max and dim but one had learned how to use power manger and created a custom proifle to dim the screen when the battery fell to 99% capacity  but was embarrased to ask where the LCD dimmer keys were.


After months of usage, our screens remain anecdotally as bright but we haven't used light meters to prove it,,,, some things are venerable including sungligt and these LCD's.


Unless you plan lots of outside and sunny may just become prematurely and unecessarily blinded.

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Re: X200 Tablet Superbright vs Multitouch Screen advice please

The excessive amount of brightness on the "SuperBright" is true.  However, the range of brightness control is very good.  Indoors with normal lighting I tend to prefer 10/15 brightness.  In a pitch black room or evening flight 3/15 is very good.  The full 15/15 brightness is useful outdoors or when used as a slate under harsh fluorescent lighting.


Additionally, the SuperBright model is "Frameless" and has a glass writing surface superimposed about 1/8" above the LCD.  One possible downside of the glass surface though is the possibility for slightly increased parallax.  The SuperBright model also has very good viewing angles and extremely limited grain (I have heard the multi-touch model suffers in both regards due to the extra touch layer).

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