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Paper Tape
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X200 high pitched low volume shrill/squeaking sound...

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I have a X200 tablet. It is about 2 months old and just recently it started making this really annoying sound. Its not very loud. sounds a lot like the sound older hard drives make and the sound the phone makes when someone is online with dial up mixed (all kinds of little pops and squeaks)


I have looked over some of the other threads discussing whines, sounds, etc.. and found that many people have correlated these types of sounds with the power supply and/or the CPU. I think it is definitely the HDD, when doing a disk check the sound seems perfectly in sync with the hard drive usage indicator light. I just don't know, it is driving me crazy.


Here is a link to a video I made that has a clip of the sound. The humming sound is just ambient noise not the fan or anything. (you may have to turn your speakers up to here the annoying part)

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Re: X200 high pitched low volume shrill/squeaking sound...

I have the same issue! I am sure that the high-pitch noise comes from the hard drive. The hard drive model number in my X200 is WD2500BEVS-08VAT2. I wonder anyone has suggest to deal with this problem.


Punch Card
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Re: X200 high pitched low volume shrill/squeaking sound...

I think it's a known fault of the C2D CPU's inside our laptops, and nothing can be done about it.

Paper Tape
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Re: X200 high pitched low volume shrill/squeaking sound...

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Hi, I run Win 7 (64)

I solved this issue this way:

Right click on battery icon on desctop, that choose "Launch Power Manager". Once it is opened, under "Power Plan: tab you'll see different power plans. The one you use will be highlited. Look at it and you'll find there is "System settings" button that you need to click to expand. The very first line "Maximum CPU speed" - here is the problem. More likely you have there "Lowest" (I did) option. I just selected there "Adaptive". You might need to change this option for "battery settings" as well. Because I had under "Battery settings" selected option "Highest" and it was fine. It was even funny, that when power supply is connected there is no sound coming out. Once I swich to Battery - it starts annoying. Note, that if you change your Power Plan to other one, you need do the same thing - change those settings. Note also, that these settings might act differently on your HDD. So, play with them and see, wich one fits best.


I hope that will resolve your issue.

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