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X200 not detecting displayport in windows 7


I am having problems with a dual monitor setup with my X200 tablet and an ultrabase.  I have two Dell monitors, a 1905FP connected on the vga port as primary, and a 2001FP as second, connected on the displayport with a Lenovo displayport-dvi adapter. This has been working fine for a couple of months.  I am running windows 7 professional  sp1, with all relevant updates.  I have the most recent video driver installed (

Today, the dvi ported display disappeared - the intel control panel only sees 1 monitor  if the laptop lid is closed.  If the lid is open, the system works fine in dual display using the built-in and the vga port, but I cannot get it to see the dvi monitor.  I have tried using a new third party displayport-dvi adapter, with no change.  Here are some interesting observations:

  1. When I turn the dvi monitor off and on, the system beeps – it knows the monitor is there.
  2. When I boot the system with the bios forcing the dvi as the boot monitor, the boot screen and then the windows logo appear on the dvi screen, which then disappears when windows starts.
  3. I tried re-installing the video driver, and during the install, the dvi screen behaves properly.  After the install, but before restarting, both monitors work fine. When I restart the system, the boot screen and windows logo appeared on the dvi monitor, and then the monitor disappears when windows starts.  This cycle is completely repeatable.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

What's DOS?
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Re: X200 not detecting displayport in windows 7

I had the same problem, DisplayPort not output to monitor for dual display 
The problem is that the display driver and monitor are confused about the version numbers for the displayport.
The solution is to use the DVI connector with the monitor you want to use (that will be connected to the DisplayPort), and save a EDID profile...  then go to the "system topology" screen for the display driver and click on DisplayPort... import the profile you saved (from DVI) and set these settings to the DisplayPort.
The driver will now work, and you will have two monitors active.   btw, the DisplayPort "view system topology" will now say "EDID Forced" 
What's DOS?
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Re: X200 not detecting displayport in windows 7

I have similar problem.  I think "system topology" you refereing to is only available on nVidia video card.  He and I have intel video card and I can't seems to find "system topology".



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