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Paper Tape
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X200 tablet hard drive failure experience?

Our brand new Lenovo custom X200 tablet arrived last week and the hard drive failed after 3 days.  Could users of the X200 give me an idea of how common hard drive failure is for this machine?  I'm trying to decide whether to return the whole thing for a refund or risk having a replacement and finding out the tablet is a lemon.  Thanks for your help, Hannah.

Paper Tape
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Re: X200 tablet hard drive failure experience?

6 mos, no failure here. I run mine hard and swap it out often, too.  Also have an X60 that's been chugging along for almost 3 years with no failure either.

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Re: X200 tablet hard drive failure experience?

Lenovo Thinkpads use hdd built by companies like Hitachi, Seagate and Fujitsu, production of these hdd follows a stringent standard, failure of platter hdd used under normal condition are not common at all.




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Re: X200 tablet hard drive failure experience?

Mine has failed 2x over the past year.   I'm using a 130 GB Hitachi 7200 RPM.  Frequent defragmenting has seemed to slow down read failures over recent weeks.

Paper Tape
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resRe: X200 tablet hard drive failure experience?

I also have an X200 tablet, purchased about 5 months ago, hard drive just failed. what made things worse is that I followed all the instructions to create the rescue/recovery backup DVD's and they don't work either!


Apparently there is some bug with the lenovo airbag protection which causes the drives to fail?

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