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X200 tablet with windows 7 fails to sleep

Recieved my brand new loaded x200 tablet last month and since then I've been having issues with sleeping. For whatever reason, only some of the time, when I try to put the tablet into sleep, it simply won't.


The status lights will remain as they were, the screen will go black, and nothing will remove it from this state. The only option is to pull the battery or hold the power switch till it powers off completely.


I updated to the newest intel 4500 drivers (newer than lenovo's page) for graphics, and double checked that every other driver was current. I also saw mention of intel virtualization stuff causing issues, but changes haven't fixed it. I'm having a hard time diagnosing it as it doesn't even seem to appear in the windows system logs.


Specs are: X200 Tablet with Win 7 enhanced experience, multi finger multi touch display, L9400 with 4GB ram, webcam, fingerprint, 5inone card reader with modem, 5400 rpm 160gb hdd, not anywhere near the ultrabase when this happens.

What's DOS?
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Re: X200 tablet with windows 7 fails to sleep

I have precisely the same problem. It happens randomly when I try to sleep or hibernate the tablet. Happens when either docked to the ultrabase or not. Very frustrating that I can't trust the laptop to sleep when I need it to. 

Paper Tape
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Re: X200 tablet with windows 7 fails to sleep

I had a simular problem,

If you run lenovo software update utility there is a patch that microsoft released in march that suppose to fix this issue.

i installed it yerstaday.  I havent done much testing if it fixed the issue or not.


One thing i did find out, if i put pc in sleep mode and close lid too fast (before laptop went to sleep) it will hang.





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Re: X200 tablet with windows 7 fails to sleep

After banging my head against a wall, and having the lenovo tech tell me that "maybe I should just shut 'er down instead of sleeping/hibernating" (you **bleep**), I finally found a fix.


I don't know about you, but my blank-screen-instead-of-sleep/hibernate issue disappeared when I uninstalled Connectify.    There's something about this Intel 5100/5300 AGN wireless that just sucks worse than any wireless adapter ever built.


I still haven't fixed the problem where I lose internet connectivity when I put my thinkpad in tablet mode (screen face-up over the keyboard).



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Re: X200 tablet with windows 7 fails to sleep

I'm having a similar problem with my x200 tablet in that when I close my lid (which should put it into sleep mode), the screen actually stays on while it is closed and the computer is still running ! I notice that this typically only happens when I am using it in battery mode and only after I have put it to sleep to change it into my second back-up battery. I have checked the options in power management to tell it to sleep when the lid is closed, still not working. Anybody got any suggestions on what to do to fix this ?

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