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X200T Questions/Problems

I have only had my X200T for a few days and am really loving it so far.   I do have a couple of problems and would appreciate a little help from the experts on the board. 


Problem 1:  Graphics Chipset

I was and still am having a problem with intermittent "flickering" on my external HP 22" monitor, which has never exhibited any such issues before connecting it to the X200T.   When I use the term "flickering," it looks like radio interference, i.e., squiggly lines running horizontally.  The display remains readable, it just quivers constantly; then, it stops and is perfect for awhile.   I haven't been able to detect any specific condition that causes it to start or stop.  The resolution is 1680X1050.   This problem does not appear on the tablet screen, only this external monitor.  I doubt that it is interference since the same monitor has been connected variously to a Dell laptop and an HP desktop computer and nothing else is new in or around the monitor other than my new Lenovo ThinkPad tablet.   I uninstalled the Lenovo graphics card drivers (v7.15.10.1500?) and successfully installed the Intel Mobile Series 4 Graphics Accelerator driver (v7.15.10.1668).   Now, in addition to the monitor behavior, I have another new problem.  The entire screen goes blank intermittently with this error: "Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered."  It was happening every 10 minutes or so, but I changed the power settings to Maximum Performance (for both battery and A/C) and now it seems to occur less frequently, but there may be no causal connection.   Any ideas?


Problem 2:  Screen Security Lock

I have the power settings on "maximum performance" for both battery and A/C and, specifically, I selected "60 minutes" for idling the the monitor.   No screen saver enabled.   Yet, after 10 minutes or so of inactivity, the screen goes to lockdown and presents me the option to Login or Fingerswipe to regain access.    I have looked everywhere (but the right place obviously) and cannot seem to find out how to stop the monitor from turning itself off.   Is there another app, other than Power Manager, that controls the monitor's behavior? 




Ken Bour

Serial Port
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Re: X200T Questions/Problems

As far as problem 2 goes you have an option to control when the display shuts off.


Under screen saver selection is the "change power settings".  Inside there is the power plan selections you mention and on that same screen on the left is the option to "Change when to turn off display".


Open it and you can adjust it for when  you are on battery power and when its plugged in.  I think these choices supersede the  screensaver option.

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Serial Port
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Re: X200T Questions/Problems

Thanks MB, but I thought I mentioned having already set the power settings to "60 minutes" for idling the monitor.   That parameter is being overridden by something else which I cannot find.   I even clicked through all of the BIOS settings to see if there might be another security control mechanism that takes precedence.   If I leave the computer untouched for more than 15 minutes, it locks the display even though the Power Manager settings are set to "60 Minutes" for both battery and A/C.   As a further test this morning, I changed the Power Manager setting to "Never" idle the monitor (battery and A/C).  I then left the PC alone for 15 minutes and the splash screen appeared with the Logon or Fingerprint swipe option.   Clearly, some process is overriding the standard power management settings.  


I note that there is a "Lower Brightness Display" setting in the ThinkVantage Power Manager that will refuses to change from 15 minutes to Never, but only on battery.  Each time I change it, it resets to 15 minutes when I reopen the app.   I was not running the laptop on battery at the time of my test (above), but could there be a bug in the Power Manager?   That is the only "15 minute" setting I have in the entire configuration for "Maxiumum Performance."   Very strange.    BTW, in Vista's version of these settings, all options are set to "Never" and there is no "Lower Brightness Display" even in the Advanced menu.  Hmmm... 


Has anyone else noticed this condition? 



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