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Serial Port
Posts: 61
Registered: ‎12-18-2008
Location: Pittsburgh
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X200t Can't Power Off When External Firewire HD are Connected to 1394b Expresscard

[ Edited ]

First of all, my spec is as below.

OS: Vista SP2 x64

BIOS: 3.02

Firewire(1394b) Expresscard is from Belkin

External HD: Seagate FreeAgent for Mac 1.5T with Firewire(1394b)


If I connected my external HD to the Expresscard, X200t won't let me power off my computer. I could shut down Vista and the screen went off, but the power is not off. I could see the "power" light is on. The internal HD was off, but the external HD was still on. And I can feel the heat from the CPU i.e. the system was still running. If I disconnected the AC, the battery dead quickly. The only two solutions were either disconnected the external HD before shutting down or long press the power button to force power off the X200t. This was weird. Anyone observed the same problems?

x200 Tablet, 4GB RAM, Pen/Hand Touch Screen
Windows 7 Pro x64