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Registered: ‎10-01-2008
Location: US
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X201 Tablet 2.13 Ghz CPU performance using PassMark



I currently run a X200 Core 2 Duo P8600.

I am thinking about upgrading to a X201 Tablet ( Core i7-640LM Processor, 2.13GHz)

However, I am concerned that the improvement in performance may not worth the investment.


Is there someone around this forum who owns a X201 Tablet (2.13 Ghz version) and can run the pass mark test ? (ideally, under a Windows 7 64 bit)


I know they have one in their database, but I don't trust that database very much since I ran the bench mark on my computer and got a higher result than is reported in the website (1890 CPU benchmark score vs 1610 reported).




-- Shay


Punch Card
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Registered: ‎03-18-2010
Location: Sydney, Australia
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Re: X201 Tablet 2.13 Ghz CPU performance using PassMark

Hi Shay,


I have the X201T with the 620LM.

I ran the tests and got 2058 for the CPU mark.


Hope that helps.



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Re: X201 Tablet 2.13 Ghz CPU performance using PassMark

I figured the i7 chip would have better speed and results as the ichips have more L2 cache than C2D do. Just like almost anything and everything PC related the more the better. (except RAM CL, the lower the faster)

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