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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎07-08-2010
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X201 Tablet CPU Whine


I got a X201 Tablet with the multitouch display a month ago, it's an awesome machine, but recently I noticed a very faint CPU whine noise coming from the upper left of the body, close to the fan. the noise level is comparable to the noise of the fan at mid speed, so it's not terrible, but my problem and maybe same as other people out there is as soon as you discoreved, your brain tunes to it and you can hear it above anything, or I'm going crazy.


My question is if this is something normal? the system is under warranty from lenovo, should I send it in, but any chance I will get it back with the same noise. I guess I can live with it if it doesn't become louder, but I don't know really want to do..


Any feedback would be appreciated.


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