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X201 Tablet availability on website ?

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When will the X201 tablet be available again on Lenovo website ?


Paper Tape
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Re: X201 Tablet availability on website ?

I'm not sure, I had called the day after it was taken off the site, and the Lenovo representative said there was a worldwide shortage of supplies for the processor. He told me he would email me by April 20th to place an order, but I'm not sure if that is going to happen..

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X201 Tablet availability on website ?

That's true as currently the shortage of the new i7 processor has halted the sale of the new x201 tablet. I would like the community to know something very important. If you continue to demand it Intel will only use this chance to increase the price of CPU and thus all product will increase in cost thus increase in price.


The economy right now is not stable. In Canada interest rate is climbing back up already well before Canadian Government issue adjustment of interest stated in their economic plan for Canada to adjust interest rate in June.


So you can see it has even more effect on consumer. If you finance to get the new x201 right now means even more cost on YOU. If you buy it with cash you forgo your interest rate or any lock in interest rate you may have, bonds, etc.


To combat situation, consumer overall new to demand less of goods and service that are not essential. X200T and x61T are still on the market. Lenovo did great jobe on building these machine. This will drive the price down. Again that doesn't mean Lenovo are at any disadvantage because they can clean out their inventory. While 6 months to 1 year from now those i7 Cores will be more abundant so price will be cheaper.


Lenovo unlike other mass producing HP or other company only producing when ordered.


PLEASE support Lenovo. HP in Best Buy really are garbage machine. I am former Geek Squad. I can tell you we love to see consumer to buy HP because we all know their flaws and Best Buy loves to sell you those Warranty and take advantage on billing things we do to those Insurance.





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