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X201 and matrox dualhead Digital

dear All,


i struggel with a strange problem. We step over to Win 7 and on the X201 for a couple of people.

one of them use two desk screens with a Matrox dual head digital version.

laptop runs in a docking staion on his desk and the cable are connected to the dock.


i instal the latest version of the Drivers for the intel video and for the matrox and i update the firmware on the matrox.


the problem i face is when i try to set the screen resolution to 2 x 1280 x 1024 for the Matrox i recive the INF file instal error.

when i set it on the Win 7 way i need first detect the matrox then i cannot select the resolution.


i call matrox and the say connect  the USB cable from the Matrox straight a way to the laptop and voila it works


i am wondering whats in the Docking station that cause thios behavoir. and have some one the same experiance and a solution for this.


thanks a lot for All the help



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Re: X201 and matrox dualhead Digital

The X201's have on-mobo graphics with stock intel drivers.


Matrox Dualhead2go likes GPU's.


that's the most likely thing, but It could also be that the Intel software and all it's strange habits sre screwing things up. just go into your startup settings and deactivate the all the intel overlay software you can find, like the power manager and the access connections.


My personal reccomendation: If you want to drive multiple monitors, just set up a monitor profile in the control panel, go straight HDMI from the back of the ultrabase, and go VGA-HDMI from the laptop. the VGA on the x201 can drive way beyond the 1280x1024 you're looking for, so other than some minor refresh  lag, and lack of integrated audio, it's should produce essentially the same effect for a 1/10th the cost and 1/4 of the headache.

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