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X201T DISPLAY PROBLEM !!! WXGA display problem when writing and problem with WIN JOURNAL CURSOR



Before Xmas I bought a tablet X201T ( i7 2.13 GHz, 4Gb ram, Win 7 pro) with the following display:


12.1" WXGA LED Panel with wide viewing angle


This display was the only option since the ultrabright outdoor display seems to not be anymore available in the website and I don't care to have a touchscreen in a tablet.


My tablet has the following problems when in PORTRAIT MODE:


1) In Windows Journal:

 if I select the highlighter or I decide to open another application, like adobe reader, and then I return to my windows journal page, near to the dot cursor it appears another icon that bugs a lot especially if you are trying to write. Basically I see the dot and next to it, on the upper right side another symbol. For example if I select a thick highlighter and then I select the pen, I visualize the dot of the pen and on the right side next to the dot a colored semitransparent bar belonging to the previously selected highlighter.  This happens only when the tablet is in portrait mode!


2) In Windows Journal or in other drawing applications ( I have autodesk sketch book pro) in portrait mode:

 if you draw close to the border on the camera side of the tablet or if you cross the black border in the display on that side of the tablet, drawed lines appear that go from that side to the other side of the if you draw a straight line from that side to the other side of the workspace.

 I notices that, even if I don't write, and I move the cursor close to that border, the cursor disappear and appear on the other side of the display and flicks between the 2 sides of the display. It's like that the left side of the display (camera side) is connected to the right side of the display (battery side) ! It's really annoying!



One of my friends bought the same tablet before mine and he got the ultrabright outdoor display that is completelely different and it doesn't have any of my problems.

My display is flat with no steps between the writing part and the rest but there is a gap between the lcd and the wacom part(like the x200t) My friend's tablet has a phisical step between the writing part and the rest. (like the x61 tablet).

Why all these differences in displays??


I suggest to specify the differences in the lenovo website!



Anyway please LENOVO let me know how to solve these problems! Or if anybody has the same problems and somehow solved them.







P.S. I apologize for my english if there are grammatical mistakes!







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