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Posts: 194
Registered: ‎06-12-2011
Location: A Finn living in the NL
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[ Edited ]

Just FYI, I tried *many* different wacom drivers, drivers via Windows Update, from Lenovo, but none of them enabled pressure sensitivity on Photoshop, just other programs such as Windows Journal. Otherwise everything worked like a charm even with those drivers.


EDIT 2011-11-23: A new turn in the plot, if you're interested:



Two steps I took:

1. Went to Programs/Features in Control Panel and uninstall every touch/ISD tablet/Wacom item

2. Downloaded the Fujitsu driver from:


That's it. I didn't even restart even though it was recommended. Pressure sensitivity started working and two-finger zooming works on my browser too.


DISCLAIMER: This is what I did, but I refuse to be held responsible if this doesn't work in your case - or for some reason causes problems Smiley Happy Though installing drivers is pretty harmless. If you don't need pressure sensitivity in e.g. Adobe programs, don't bother with this. I do recommend downloading the driver and keeping it in a safe place though Smiley Happy



PS: This also cured a pen calibration problem I had. I couldn't take the cursor all the way to the bottom left corner even how hard I tried to calibrate it. The cursor snapped to the bottom right corner every time I took the pen close to the left corner. None of those problems exist anymore ..! Smiley Happy
Paper Tape
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎11-22-2011
Location: haiti
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would you try it with x220t to fix the calibration issue at the screen edges? it happens when you hold the pen at an angle mostly.

also here
you say that it works in linux, i would like to see it working on windows as well.
pressure sensibility works on adobe for me.
Posts: 194
Registered: ‎06-12-2011
Location: A Finn living in the NL
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[ Edited ]
Hi there,
I probably mentioned this in that message, but I don't own an X220T unfortunately. In the beginning of that thread I wanted to chime in to propose that the problem could lie in the drivers, as it did in my case with my X201T.
If you're asking if it would harm the X220T to try what I'm suggesting here, I doubt it. If you removed all the touch/pen drivers and would try to install the Fujitsu one, the worst thing I could imagine happening would be that the installer tells you "no compatible tablet was found in this system" or something like that. It would merely refuse to install, and you'd be back to square one.
It could also install just fine, but screw up the pen calibration. In this case you would just uninstall the driver and go back to drivers provided by Lenovo/Microsoft/Wacom.
In the ultimate worst case scenario, installing a non-compatible driver might cause you a blue screen while booting into Windows. If this happened, you'd have to boot into safe-mode (where touch is probably disabled), remove the incompatible driver, and reboot to normal Windows.
If you want to stay on the safe side, make a new system restore point before trying anything. Press the WIN key, type "restore point" (in English Windows7), and choose "Create a restore point" from the Start menu.
Naturally, while trying out drivers should be relatively safe, I won't take any responsibility if something goes wrong, you lose your work files, and you didn't have a backup Smiley Happy
I hope this helps,
Punch Card
Posts: 19
Registered: ‎09-29-2010
Location: UK / Belgium
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Your link is broken, I just get an error page from Wacom