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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-20-2010
Location: U.S.A
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X201t --versus-- laptop + color Plastic Logic QUE

Hi folks,

I'm considering buying* a ThinkPad X201t, which would be my first tablet computer, but not my first ThinkPad. I wanted to get some input from regular users of Lenovo's convertible tablets regarding these two alternatives:


A. A high-end convertible tablet such as the X201t

B. A high-end laptop** used in concert with a color*** e-ink business tablet such as the Plastic Logic QUE


My main interest in a tablet device is for reading and marking up PDF documents. I currently spend a few hours a day doing this on a laptop, and staring intently at a bright LCD screen seriously taxes my eyes. Since convertible tablets use traditional monitors they don't solve my eye strain, but they do allow a more paper-like mark-up experience with a stylus.


So, what do some of you see as the additional value of a convertible tablet? If a color Plastic Logic QUE were available, what would make you still want a convertible tablet? Or would you prefer a full-size, normal laptop and a QUE to do your tablet work?


Thanks for your input



* Assuming it becomes available again in the next month or so

** e.g., a ThinkPad or a MacBook Pro

*** granted, a color QUE doesn't currently exist, but it won't be too long (LINK)