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Paper Tape
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X220 SIM to use laptop as mobile phone



I am replacing my laptop and mobile phone, and would like to be able to make/receive calls/texts on a laptop with my mobile phone SIM card installed. Is this possible with the X220? If so, how do I do it? Do I need extra equipment/software?


I understand it would have to be kept on a lot, and that I would need a suitable SIM from a mobile phone network. A lot of the online answers to this question seem to contradict each other.


Many thanks for your help.

Punch Card
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Re: X220 SIM to use laptop as mobile phone

I used my phone's SIM card in my computer to test HSPA for an hour.  My intention was only to test it because I was evaluating different broadband technologies.  Nevertheless, AT&T sent me an email the next day warning me that my service plan didn't allow my SIM card to be used in a broadband card and that my data plan would be shut off if I continued to use the SIM card in the laptop.  Thankfully by that point I had already finished my tests.


Another alternative you might consider is to tether your phone.  Android can do it.  Windows Phone 7 (my phone) doesn't officially support it, but several models have the feature built in by the manufacturers.  I don't know about iPhone.  Before I got WWAN on my computer, I frequently tethered without being hassled by AT&T.


Punch Card
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Re: X220 SIM to use laptop as mobile phone

A little more detail -- for making and receiving phone calls you'd need a product like Skype.  I don't believe you can use the same technologies that a phone would use to make calls using your laptop.


You might be able to send/recieve text messages though.  In Verizon's VZAccess manager there is a section for that, but I wasn't able to get VZ Access manager to work with my internal card, and I didn't want/need this feature so I didn't investigate further.


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