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X220 Tablet Docking Issues

Hello Everyone!


I am having inconsistent performance with my Lenovo X220 Tablet/Notebook and the Ultra Series 3 Docking station.  Occasionally, I am able to boot the system from the docking station and sign on through my external keyboard and monitor.  However, sometimes I must open the tablet up and turn on from the laptop itself, when this occurs, if I close the laptop lid, it turns the system off.  The most recent issue I've had when downloading drivers and other tasks that required rebooting the computer, when attempting to restart the computer in the docking station is not possible, i.e., not from the docking station and not from the computer.  In these instances I have had to remove the computer from the docking station to restart and then place it back into the docking station once Windows has started.  Again, with this type of start-up, I must keep the tablet open to keep it powered on.


Is there a specific "docking mode" control somewhere on the computer so that when I'm using the docking station I don't have to go through these different steps to start up the computer?  I was unable to find any solutions to this in the user manual and I searched this site and did not find anyone else having similar problems - so I'm guessing there is a simple solution that I'm unaware of.


Thank you for any assistance provided! 

Smiley Happy

What's DOS?
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Re: X220 Tablet Docking Issues

Did you ever get any help on this?  I am having the EXACT SAME ISSUES!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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