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X220 Tablet FAN Problem - temperature over 90 °C - tablet switch off :(



I have here a X220 Tablet that seem to have a FAN problem.

Often in the last days my CPU temperature is often over 90 °C

And the fan has problem to reduce the temperature.

I have also situation that the CPU is going too hot and the tablet switch off! Smiley Sad

With the CPU tool TPFC.62 I can see that the fan speed is 2300-2500 RPMs.

But this seams not enough to be.


And now the strange thing:

When I disable the graphic adapter “Intel(R) HD Graphics Family” (Driver and reboot and do the same thing that I done to get the temperature over 90 °C with the intel graphic adapter the temperature is not going over 83 °C!!! The fan speed is 3500-3800 RPMs.


Can someone helps me with this issue?



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Re: X220 Tablet FAN Problem - temperature over 90 °C - tablet switch off :(

Hi giciorek,


I understand that your fan/temperature problems can be frustrating.  I would try updating your BIOS and also updating Power Manager.  (Some on the forum have tried downloading ThinkPad Fan Control, but that is not an official Lenovo solution.)


Download Power Manager here:


Download BIOS Update here:


In Power Manager, click Advanced at top right, you can Set Optimize Fan Control to Balance All Parameters under Battery Settings.  Set it to Reduce Noise Dynamically under AC.


Let me know if this helps.



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Re: X220 Tablet FAN Problem - temperature over 90 °C - tablet switch off :(

sorry you're having troubles.


is your machine still under warranty? if so, i would recommend letting service look at it for you. if it's a failing fan or a problem with the heatsink/thermal compound/thermal pad, it's pretty much a complete tear-down to get at them, assuming the construction is similar to my x200t. in mine, the planar has to be removed as the cpu/fan/heatsink assembly is on the underside.


if it's not under warranty, and you're comfortable with this level of disassembly, you could tear it down, clean it out any dust real good and refresh the thermal compound. the hardware maintenance manual is a great resource:



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