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X220 Tablet Windows 8 Wi-Fi Trouble


In January, I upgraded the hard drive in my X220 Tablet and installed Windows 8 to the new hard drive.  Since doing so, I've been having trouble with the Wi-Fi on the computer.  It does this thing from time to time (a few times a week) where the Wi-Fi just cuts out, and doesn't think any networks are available, although the networking adapter is enabled.  Usually I can fix things by disabling and enabling the networking adapter a few times, but I'm getting tired of having to do this.  The problem is entirely with the computer, and not with my network, as it will do this on number of different networks, and the problem is not with the networking components.  


Has anyone else had similar issues?  Does anyone have any advice on how to fix it?

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Re: X220 Tablet Windows 8 Wi-Fi Trouble

Hi garebear22,

thanks forposting and sorry for the late intrusion. I was wondering which try ofwireless card was installed in yourmachine?

Do let me know


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