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Blue Screen Again
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X220T and OneNote Problem - Recording is Inconsistent

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Can anyone else please check to see if you have problems with recording in OneNote on your X220 Tablet? This problem is driving me up the wall. On the other hand, OneNote 2010 on my Toshiba records consistently without any problems.


When I stop recording a clip in OneNote on my new X220T, the timer will often return to 00:00, and nothing will have been recorded.  This does not always happen, but it happens very often. As you can see, this means we cannot depend on OneNote to reliably record anything.


I noticed that OneNote will sometimes unmute the microphone when a recording is started. It will also sometimes mute the microphone when a recording is started. However, even when I toggle the mute button to ensure that the microphone is not muted after recording begins, OneNote is not guaranteed record properly.


For those of you who are curious, this X220T is brand new. The only things I did to this laptop were:

1. Install Microsoft Office Professional 2010

2. Run Windows Update. Install the patches for Windows and Microsoft Office 2010 (Service Pack 1)

3. Try recording in OneNote. Ran into the described problem.


Everything else is set to factory settings.


Why is it that this brand new Lenovo laptop has a recording problem, but my Toshiba works perfectly? If I cannot rely on this machine, there is no reason for me to keep it. Smiley Sad


Any fix or feedback from other users, forum volunteers, or Lenovo engineers would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: X220T and OneNote Problem - Recording is Inconsistent

Can you try running ThinkVantage System Update? There's a bit of a known recording issue (generally with Skype) in an early version.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: X220T and OneNote Problem - Recording is Inconsistent

Great, running ThinkVantage System Update 4 seemed to have fixed it for now. I will do more testing later. Many thanks ColonelONeill!


I installed all the updates using ThinkVantage System Update (Control Panel > System and Security > Lenovo - Update Drivers). ThinkVantage System Update did create three new problems! Running ThinkVantage System Update a second time did not solve these new problems. Hopefully no other problems have arisen. For other users, I will summarize the three problems and their solutions.


New Problem 1: Microphone recordings became muffled and occasionally would miss a split second of sound. In other words, it sounded like a mobile phone with poor reception.


Solution: Go to the Recording tab under Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage audio devices. Bring up the Properties window for the microphone and click on the Advanced tab. Uncheck "Enable audio enhancements." The X220 tablet can now record clear audio again. I suspect the audio enhancements are for aggressive noise reduction.


New Problem 2: Volume, brightness, mute, and microphone mute overlays stopped appearing in the on screen display when I used the hotkeys. Additionally, the full screen magnifier (Fn+Spacebar) no longer worked.


Solution: Download and install Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 7. I used version 3.52 found here The X220 tablet believed it was already installed, but I told it to reinstall anyway. The full screen magnifier and the various overlays began to work again after a reboot.


New Problem 3: The touchpad no longer supported two finger scroll and two finger tap. Additionally, the scroll button behaved differently.


Solution: Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program. Uninstall Thinkpad UltraNav Driver. Run ThinkVantage System Update again. System Update will detect that the synaptics driver is no longer installed and reinstall it. After reinstalling and rebooting, the original touchpad functionality returned.

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