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Paper Tape
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X220T extreamely short battery life?

I just got a x220t mutitoch one, with i7-2640 CPU, 4G memory and 320G hard drive. Everything is fine except the 6-cell battery only lasts for two hours, that is a huge difference from Lenovo officially announced 8 hours. Is that normal? Or do I need to return this machine?

Punch Card
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Re: X220T extreamely short battery life?


On my i5 I get about 7 hours, although I did find this dropped when I installed the latest power management tools...


2 hours doesn't sound right, I'd use something like CPU-Z to check that your CPU underclocks itselft when on battery etc...


I also had a problem where the "power source optomised" plan didn't apply, i had to foce it onto "high performance" and then back.


good luck

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Re: X220T extreamely short battery life?

I recommend the desktop gadget called "All CPU Meter."


Two hours is normal if you keep the CPU speed set to "max turbo." Make sure it's set to "balanced" or "low," in Lenovo Power Manager.


Try setting it to "low" and cranking the screen brightness all the way down. If your battery meter doesn't start showing 4-6 hours, then maybe youv'e got a problem, but I suspect you'll see an improvement.

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