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Fanfold Paper
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X220T vs. ThinkPad Tablet.

I have a X220T. And I am thinking to buy a ThinkPad Tablet android too. But I am not sure if it will add anything in my life. 

I have a lot of windows application in my computer, I am a programmer. And read and write a PDF a lot. And I don't like the idea to carry two hardware with me (X220T and ThinkPad Tablet). The ThinkPad Tablet is good, light, camera, battery life. But I am not sure if it worth buying one, since I have the X220T. I am not sure if it is really necessary. 

Token Ring
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Re: X220T vs. ThinkPad Tablet.

This is largely a question of preference. 


If you value weight and battery life over functionality then the thinkpad tablet is a good investment. 


If you however, value performance, ability, and sheer functionality above weight and size, then the thinkpad tablet is a waste of money. 


The x220t can be made to last battery wise just as long (and longer) than the thinkpad tablet. It is a beast in comparison spec wise to the tablet. It's keyboard is a dream, and the wacom implementation is superior in most aspects to the n-trig used on the thinkpad tablet. 


If it was up to me, I wouldn't even look at the thinkpad tablet. 


That said I love the way the thinkpad tablet looks. If they stuff x86/x64 guts in there, I would be the first in line to buy it. 

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Punch Card
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Re: X220T vs. ThinkPad Tablet.

I think it is not merely a question of perference...but more a question of how you like to work and whether you value flexibility or not.


For me, I have both a tablet and the x220t.  I use the tablet in situations where I don't want to use a laptop (not that I can't).  I do lots of reading on the tablet because it is so light weight and convenient to carry around (by comparison). Since it doesn't have both a screen and a keyboard, it has a smaller footprint than does a laptop.  I give lectures and presentations on the tablet when I don't need the power of the laptop (as if I'm doing simulations or using software).


However, when it comes time to do some serious work, like coding or writing, or creation of content, then I use the laptop.  It is simply better for that than the tablet.  I like to use the best tool for the job.


If in your mind there can be no overlap in function, then you should just get the laptop. But if you want maximum flexbility in how you work, when you work, when you can squeeze in an otherwise unproductive moment, then you can make a tablet and a laptop work for you. If you think a tablet has to replace the laptop or visa verse, then just get the laptop and keep your life simple.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: X220T vs. ThinkPad Tablet.

Thanks guys. I think that the best option is keep just my X220T. I have installed the last firmware and the calibration  is working well. I work in my house, and maybe the Tablet Android is not necessary. I love the PDF anotator and OneNote, the application to write from the ThinkPad Tablet is simpler. The best option for me is wait for the best moment to buy it. 

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