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What's DOS?
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X230 Tablet: Windows 8 update issues

I got my X230 Tablet recently and want to run it under Windows 8. After upgrading yesterday, the Touch Screen refuses to work: the position is always in the bottom right corner, but clicking is recognized. The effect is that all windows are closed and opened alternately when touching the screen. Quite annoying, in particular as in Windows 8 the Touch screen would be actually very useful.


I updates all drivers and bios, as far as possible, but the Touch Screen behavior remained. Somebody suggested that a clean installation of Windows 8 does lead to a well working Touch Screen. I tried it once, but after about two hours of computer work, Windows came back with the message that the installation failed, and thus I stay with my non working Touch Screen.


What do I have to do to get my Touch Screen working again?

The Wacom Pen is fine, so I can live with the X230 for the time being, but working with my fingers on the screen would be actually nice - and it beats those iBooks by lengths.


Who has ideas?



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Re: X230 Tablet: Windows 8 update issues

I have the same question. My computer is X220T

Serial Port
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Re: X230 Tablet: Windows 8 update issues


try the method metioned in this thread. hope it will work (propably your question is different)


but i do not fully understand the "effect" of the touch screen described by you. The "touch" function does not work with fingers?


mine is X230T (i5, 6GB, 256GB SSD, multitouch). The machine works just fine with Win 8 both in PC mode and tablet mode (with finger or pen). The "touching" experience on this machine with Win 8 is far worse than that of iPad, my opinion. 


by the way, the windows 8 drivers for X230T on lenovo (China, website in Chinese) is more up-to-date, as compared with those on lenovo (US).


using google translate, you may figure out where to go.


for example, the current BIOS version is 2.01.



Punch Card
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Re: X230 Tablet: Windows 8 update issues

I've been running Windows 8 Release Preview on my X230T from August to 10/26/2012 and Windows 8 Pro RTM x64 since then.  The touch screen worked normally as soon as I installed Windows 8.  I did a clean install.


I can't find any equivalent for the Windows 7 MultiTouch Enhanced Driver on my Windows 8 install.  It doesn't seem to appear in Programs and Features or in Device Manager or in the list of Lenovo packages I downloaded for the X230T, but it works great.  The Control Panel applet to configure and calibrate the touch is called "Tablet PC Settings" and I think it is from Microsoft, but it might be from Lenovo.  I'm just not sure.  It is NOT the ISD applet that shows up in Windows 7.


You might try ininstalling the Windows 7 Multitouch enhanced driver and rebooting and see if that works.

What's DOS?
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Re: X230 Tablet: Windows 8 update issues


thanks for the hints on how to make the mouse movable with my finger. Apparently, a clean install of Windows 8 does not have the TouchScreen problem, but I had to use the computer for work and thus could not reinstall Win8.

But in the Lenovo-supplied driver from Wacom (expanded into DRIVERS > WIN > MTouch) is a program called


This allow to reset all user preferences, and doing that the cursor become movable with my finger.

Now the Touch Screen works better, but I can not apply any gestures, in particular swipes from any direction don't work. And for Win8 that is quite important. There are lots of reports from other computers with the same problem, and a driver update did help there.

Is there a new driver out for the X230 Tablet that allows to use gestures in Win8?


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Re: X230 Tablet: Windows 8 update issues



I did a clean install of Windows 8 Pro 64bit on my X230T 3438-2BG. The digitizer pen works, the touchscreen does not accept gestures (pinch to zoom, charms bar etc.), however. Klicking via finger touch works.

In the device manager, there is an unknown device. In Tablet PC settings I can only calibrate the screen for pen input. The computer properties also do not display touch ability.


Now I did a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro RTM 64bit and everything seemed to work just fine. But without a restart or anything, suddenly the touch functionality disappeared again to the crippled level described above.

I could reproduce this with another install of Windows 8.1. I only installed the following drivers from Lenovo: UltraNav, AutoScroll, Intel Graphics, PowerManagement, hotkey on-screen display, tablet shortcuts, tablet buttons, settings dependency package, active protection, Ericsson WWAN, Ricoh card reader, Realtek audio.


I tried the Wacom ISD driver (which actually is for Windows 7) but it didn´t make any difference. Lenovo phone support says they don´t believe it´s a hardware problem.


UEFI version is 2.55, should be the most recent one.



Can anyone help?




What's DOS?
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Re: X230 Tablet: Windows 8 update issues


I experience exactly the same issue as you. Let's just hope that Lenovo or Wacom release an update or a new driver to support the finger touch on Windows 8. I just bought my new X230 Tablet last week and I really thought I'd enjoy the touch on Windows 8.1, and it worked... before the first restart. I'm really disappointed that a company such as Lenovo doesn't support finger touch on its products after only one OS update... but anyway we cannot do anything about that except waiting.

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Re: X230 Tablet: Windows 8 update issues


Have you activated your Windows 8/8.1 with an OEM key or a key from Dreamspark?

On Microsoft  forums someone gave me a hint that in addition to "secure boot" watermarks an OEM key also triggers functions which disable non-certified drivers or devices. As the screen of the X230T only supports two fingers and not five as required by the Windows 8 certification process an OEM key might be the reason for the disappearing of the function after a restart.


However, I have not been able to check on that yet, as I do not posess any other key for Windows 8. Let´s hope Microsoft phone support can help (business hours only on Mo to Fri).

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