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Paper Tape
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X230 Tablet and Ericsson H5321 wwan problem



does anyone have similar problem with installation of an ericsson H5321 wwan card?


The wwan card was ordered from the official lenovo dealer. The card wasn't installed when I ordered the laptop, but the card itself was delivered separately. The wwan should be on whitelist according to lenovo list, but...


The problem is that bios doesn't allow the computer to startup. The bios generates an error: "1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in.... (0BDB/1926)


Computer could be started only without the wwan. On my understanding this problem is related somehow the whitelist in the bios.


X230 Tablet, wwan upgradable

Model: 3437-2YG

Bios: GCET22WW (1.11)


Wwan card:

FRU: 60Y3297

Part no: 03A36319

Manufactured: 2012-06-17


Does anyone have a solution?


Paper Tape
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solution X230 Tablet with WWAN module

Solution wasn't so simple...


The Lenovo support changed a new Gobi 3000 wwan card. That was ok to the bios and laptop was running ok on windows 7. Everything worked well at least in Finland. So the Ericsson wwan card will not work current bios version. This is not mentioned on product catalog. The support changed this board without any costs.


Windows 8 problems:


Then I changed from win7 pro to win8 pro...


Gobi 3000 drivers are not currently on Lenovo website, but you could find the drivers from other website. Drivers called LenovoGobi3kSetup.exe seem to be working ok on Windows 8. You'll find the link from the community to those drivers.


....but! It works until you rotate the display top of the keyboard. Then mobile broadband is disabled and there is no way to turn on this feature. Windows 8 troubleshoot says that the wwan switch is disabled and advices to enable the switch. But there is no any switch for wwan module!!! On windows 7 will work similary but you can switch wwan on when change the display rotation. Settinga are as well in FN+F5 button. But it will not work on windows 8 similary. It just disables all wifi actions.


Solution for wwan switch enabling: Just install think vantage access for windows 7! It will give some errors, but ignore them. It will install finally and then you can switch wwan module again on.


On my laptop this seem to be working now ok. I'm using think vantage acces only to enable the wwan module.


I'll hope that this will help someone...







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Re: solution X230 Tablet with WWAN module

Wow that sounds really janky, lol.

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