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What's DOS?
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X230 Tablet: backlight fading for 10sec. on dark/light images

I haven't been able to find anyone else reporting this issue, but it seems the X230 Tablet has "feature" whereby the screen dims the backlight slowly when a dark image is displayed, and brightens it slowly when a lighter image is displayed.


Does anyone else experience this? I find it very annoying, and not even helpful when the transition is finished. I would prefer to have the full brightness, as the dark pixels on the screen appear plenty dark to me. If I'm concerned for battery life, I can dim the backlight myself. But to change from a dark window to a light window and find that the contrast is diminished for 10 seconds as it slowly ramps up is getting on my nerves.


I suspect that it's not even the backlight, but the very brightness of the pixel, because when I switch to an image with a mid-value, subtle gradient (e.g. medium gray to dark gray), I can see the bands of color moving across the gradient as the fading happens. If it were only the backlight, the bands should remain static, and thus not so noticeable.


I'll try to disable it, and if I find a solution, I'll post it here. Of course, if anyone else has already done this, please let me know!

What's DOS?
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Re: X230 Tablet: backlight fading for 10sec. on dark/light images

Hey monking,


I was also having the same problem, it was anoying the hell out of me, espically when going form a dark screen to text on a white background, the text would be almost unreadable for about 10 seconds.


I just found the solution on the following page:

(I know it's not the exact same problem, but the solution is the same)


I hope that helps...

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Re: X230 Tablet: backlight fading for 10sec. on dark/light images

This issue has mystified me on a couple of occasions, so thanks for reporting it. I see the same thing on my X220t with Win8, where switching to e.g. a web page that has a bright background leads to the display brightness slowly going up.  For a while I thought it was something about eye response, except in that case it should go the other way (irises close for bright screens, screen looks dimmer). I turned off the display power saving and hopefully that fixes it.

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