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X230 Tablet--no TIP under Windows 8

I have just done a clean install of Windows 8 Enterprise on an X230, but the Tablet Input Panel does not show. The pen functions fine as a mouse, and this machine ran Windows 7 with no problems so I know there are no hardware issues.


Is there any way to force the TIP to show or install the Tablet PC functionality if that is the problem?



Punch Card
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Re: X230 Tablet--no TIP under Windows 8

In the Windows METRO mode, the touch keyboard will automatically come out when the focus is in a text field.


In the Windows desktop mode, one way to get the Touch keyboard is:

Click the key combination: Windows + C to bring up the Charm.

Click the Settings.

Click Keyboard and select the Touch Keyboard.


Unfortunately, it seems that it does not remember the selection so the next time you click on a text field, you have to go through the process again. I hope MS will change this. Even better is if the X230T is in a tablet mode (meaning the screen is lay flat and on top of keyboard, it will be smart enough to use Touch Keyboard by default.


Edit: Another way to display the Touch Keyboard is to click the Touch Keyboard icon at the task bar.

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