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Re: X230 mSATA SSD

2013-10-25, 20:19 PM

I have an x230 with a 240GB SSD..


lately i have been debating getting a mSata for additional storage (right now i use an sd card for downloads and what not)



WIll any msata drive work or will it require certin specs?   I'm currently looking at http://www.ncix.ca/products/?sku=83671&vpn=MKNSSDAT240GB-DX&manufacture=Mushkin%20Enhanced&promoid=1145  



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Re: X230 mSATA SSD

2018-02-03, 10:46 AM

i just bought second grade laptop thinkpad x230, and want to add an MSata Samsung  EVO 500GB 3D V-NAND Technology, will this work? since in the forums only having the 256GB w/ 3D V-NAND Technology. 


and as i read the manual there's a concern for this note:

Note: If your computer is equipped with both a hard disk drive and an mSATA solid-state drive, you are not
recommended to use the mSATA solid-state drive as a bootable device. The mSATA solid-state drive is
designed and developed for “cache” function purpose only. If you use the mSATA solid-state drive as a
bootable device, its reliability is not guaranteed


there are some who open threads regarding this but still it's uses the 256GB.


any opinion or help please. thanks...


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Re: X230 mSATA SSD

2018-02-03, 15:34 PM



That concern has come up a lot over the years.  The way I read that caution is that the small mSATA SSD that Lenovo ships is intended for use as a cache device - not for theOS.


Larger capacity mSATA SSDs work just fine as a boot/OS device (presuming a quality vendor) - for me and many others here.  There can be occasional compatibility issues, and I don't have personal experience with that specific SSD.



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Re: X230 mSATA SSD

2020-02-08, 9:08 AM

I installed a Transcend 128Gb SSD as 2nd drive where the WWAN module should be, but now I'm getting a 2101 Detection Error on bootup. Any ideas!???


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Re: X230 mSATA SSD

2020-02-10, 9:37 AM


This often means that the drive is loose/not fully seated in the MiniPCIe/mSATA connector.  You may wish to open the X230 up, remove the drive, and carefully re-seat it, then close the unit.  Afterwards, you should be able to format it using the Disk Management (filename: DISKMGMT.MSC) snap-in.




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