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Paper Tape
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X230 tablet - Windows 10 and 7 problems

Hey guys,


I'm new on this forum and I'm also new in using X230 tablet or any 2-in-1 laptop.


This is my second ThinkPad but first convertible laptop.


About problems. Shortly after I've got this ThinkPad I've installed Windows 10 because in my opinnion it works better and IS better than Win7. But after installation, I've encountered a few problems.

First problem was no auto rotation - I could do that only by installing drivers for Tablet Buttons (it didn't bother me that much as next few problems).

Second problem was not working Dolby Profile - anyone has suggestions why? I've read that eccp4.exe or something like that is not supported in Win10. The only thing with Dolby that did work was Dolby Digital Plus (and the equalizer there is horrible!).

And third, and also MAIN problem was random screen touches. Did anyone encountered this kind of problem on yours X230 tablet? It happened only when I was fully in "tablet mode". Like for example I was doing some notes on classes and A LOT of times Action Center came up. With no touch from my side - I was only writing notes or not even touching the screen. Also normal touches appeared, not only Action Center sliding. Firstly I've got a little scared because it's used laptop bought on something like ebay. But my second thought was to go back to Win7 from recovery (which didn't work with F8, I've used SWM/WIM tutorial to fully recover system).

And finally it seems that this problem doesn't occur on Win7. When I'm in full "tablet mode" there's no random touches or anything like that. But main problem is german version of software. Hopefully there is fabric installed en_US language which I set to default, haha.


But what do you guys think. Could it be the touch driver bug for X230t in Win10? Or it's really digitizer fault and I've got faulty model?

I think to install Win 8.1 to check if the problem occurs there. I want to go back to Win 10 because it's almost fully touch supported. Not like Windows 7 (this typing keyboard which I have to slide everytime I want to write something is horrible in my opinnion).


And also I've got problem with USB 3.0 on Win7. I updated BIOS to 2.63, reinstalled USB 3.0 eXtensible drivers, did everything that has to be done to make it work and it still doesn't recognise my portable drive. In Windows 10 it worked like a charm!


But that's all I think. 

I hope you can help me with these problems (or even you do have exactly same problems and we can sort them out together, guys!) Smiley Happy.


P.S. Sorry if I made some mistakes but english isn't my native language, I'm trying to do my best Smiley Happy.

What's DOS?
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Re: X230 tablet - Windows 10 and 7 problems

i've been running windows 10 as a devoloper since before its's launch with very few issues.

First make sure you download the drives from lenovo for winows 10 that till fix most of your issues.

some things are just not compatable with the windows 10 OS look for replacements in the windwos store but your dolby does have a driver update. for some reason the thinkvantage software does not down load the drivers for you you'll have to do that on your own. Once you download all your drivers your X230T will run much more normaly. keep in mind however if you have the touch screen model it only supports 2 finger touch while winows 10 supports 10, it still works but many of the gestures don't you can chage your screen if your so inclined as far as i know there is no driver update.


Good luck


Paper Tape
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Re: X230 tablet - Windows 10 and 7 problems

For auto rotation, download: 1. Thinkpad Active Protection System Driver 2. Thinkpad Shortcut Menu.

After completion go to C:\Program Files (x86)\ThinkPad\Tablet Shortcut\LENTBCTL. Click 'settings' button at the lower left corner. You will see 'auto rotate'.


For touch and pen input, download 'wacom wintab driver' from here :

Thus is the definitive druver. It will enable hover click barrel button as right click, but smooth scrolling and scroll with inertia for convenient long scrolling.

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