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X230T: digitizer doesn't work well on Windows 8.1 + OneNote 2013



I recently did a clean install of Windows 8.1 on my X230T, and also installed Office 2013.

I need to use the digitizer with OneNote 2013 heavily for taking lecture notes. 


As I did when I was using Windows7, I set the side button on the digitizer to "eraser" and expect that it works properly.

However, it is not the case.

Yes I can write with the tip without any problem. 

Unfortunately, when I tried to press the button to switch the tip from the pen mode to the eraser mode, the behavior

of the digitizer becomes pretty strange. 

(1) If I remain the tip close to the screen, it would not switch to the eraser mode

(2) if I move the tip a little higher and let the cursor disappear, then hold the button and move the tip back to the screen, I SOMETIMES get the eraser mode; but it doesn't switch back to the pen mode even if I release the button.

I need to again move the tip far away from the screen and release the button to get the pen mode back.


I downloaded the up-to-date driver from Wacom but it doesn't help.

Also, I cannot find the driver for this functionality for Windows 8.1 on Lenovo website;

the latest version of multitouch driver only supports Windows 7 and older versions of windows.


Does anyone experience the same problem as I did?

Can somebody help?


Thanks a lot!

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Re: X230T: digitizer doesn't work well on Windows 8.1 + OneNote 2013

Hi bnsblue,


Have a look at this thread (last message):


Solution: OneNote 2013 is buggy. Version 2010 works fine.

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