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X230t LCD Panel issue, backlight and maybe fuses too

Keeping it short and simple:

I own an X230t with pen and 2-finger touch display.

About 2 months ago a sixth of the screen on the left starts turning rainbow colours as seen below.

Sometimes it'll fix itself.

Or by pressing on the bottom left corner just under the problem section relieves it as can be seen in the video below.


Attempted solutions:

The problem became  quite annoying so I read around. Some said LCD cable some said internal panel separation.

Hoping it was cable I opened. No visible damage on cable and LCD was fine. Closed the enclosure.

Problem back. Opened with power on so that I could see if I fixed it. One corner of the LCD cable did look like it was not seated on the panel connector by a hair's width. Made sure it was definitely seated properly. I lose display.

Panic, check it out with a torch. Display still works but no backlight. And the left side still has issues.


What works:

External video output. Monitor via DP works perfectly fine

Touchscreen still works

Pen still works


What can be done?:

I need help figuring out what to do next or what to replace first.

Is the backlight issue due to the cable or blown fuses?

Do I replace the cable?

If the fuses are blown do I short or replace them?

Should I and is it worth replacing the motherboard?
Panel definitely needs replacing but last maybe?


Why did work on it while powered?:

I know it's practically a taboo but there was A LOT OF STRESS eslewhere in my life.

Will I make the same mistake under the same or higher level of stress? Definitely learnt a lesson I should have already known.


Thanks for reading and hope you can help







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Re: X230t LCD Panel issue, backlight and maybe fuses too

That looks like a bad panel.  It cannot be the cable.  If backlight doesn't come on now, you may also have blown a fuse when taking it apart.  They are easy to blow.  If both the panel and one or 2 fuses are bad, repair might not be the best option.  You can often find a used one with no memory, battery and HDD and do a transplant.


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