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Paper Tape
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Re: X230t latch/sidepad one loose, one tight, reasons?

I have the same problem.


Left loose and the right one is already broken



I dont like this

Paper Tape
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Re: X230t latch/sidepad one loose, one tight, reasons?

Hello all,


I have exactly the same problem with an X230t that I purchased two months ago here in Germany through an authorized distributor.


The rubber stop on the left side of the keyboard was always loose. I was very careful with the machine and purchased an expensive case to protect it. That did not stop the rubber stop from breaking off at one point. It also took a bit of plastic from the keyboard bezel with it.


I opened a case with IBM support (who handles the warranty in Germany). They consider the damage out of warranty.


Obviously I am extremely angry with the quality of this new machine. I will not let the matter rest.


Can anyone help me with the two following points:

1. What part numbers are involved? How can I find them?

2. How can I escalate the question? Lenovo needs to understand that this is a design fault, and not due to abusive use of the machine.



Serial Port
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Re: X230t latch/sidepad one loose, one tight, reasons?

Keyboard Bezel - 04W6808 FRU (KBD Bezel for Comet-2)



X220 Tablet Multitouch: Intel Core i7 2640m, 8GB RAM, 80GB Intel 310 Series mSata + 320GB 7200rpm 2.5", Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 AGN, Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0, Fingerprint Reader, 720P Webcam, Battery 6-cell 52+ and 6-cell slice 19+
Paper Tape
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Re: X230t latch/sidepad one loose, one tight, reasons?, how about the x220t?

Do you have a clue on what to order for a x220t? becourse I am missing the left one (and would like to have both. The rubber parts are not shown in the pictures for spare parts an I am unable to get a list of the parts that are in te rubber set


Kind regards

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