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Punch Card
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X41 Tablet - Vista (&HDD replacement)?

Has anyone here had experience running Vista on their X41T?  I'm contemplating upgrading from Windows XP Tablet edition & was wondering:

a) if there were any pitfalls to avoid/be aware of in the upgrade process (non-functioning components etc., etc.) &

b) whether the upgrade was worthwhile.  I have 2MG RAM in the machine but find it incredibly slow(!) now.  I was hoping - perhaps naievely - that a clean Vista install might improve things ...


Relatedly,  does anyone know of a viable replacement hard drive for the X41T?  The 1.8 form factor seems to restrict it to two *very* slow Hitachi drives.  Does anyone know of an SSD model that will fit the X41 T?

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Paper Tape
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Re: X41 Tablet - Vista (&HDD replacement)?



I'm not sure if you've already found a replacement hard drive for your X41 tablet, but I thought I'd share my experience.  I searched and searched for a SSD replacement for my X41T and really couldn't find one.  After reading various blogs and such, I finally decided to go the CF card approach using an adapter from Adonics. 


The day the adapter came in the mail, I decided that CF cards just aren't made to run operating systems and that I was better off looking again.  I'm really glad I decided not to go the CF route because I found a compatible SSD made in China by KingSpec.  I was skeptical, but YouTube videos showed the drive actually working in an X41, so I was hopeful.  There is a boot error (2010) that says the drive isn't compatible, but I did some research on this and basically I think the only problem that may arise is if you copy files in DOS or using a windows programs that copies files in DOS.  Since I don't do either of these, I've had no problems. You can also adjust the BIOS so that the boot process can bypass after about 5 seconds notification. 


I ordered a 64GB KingSpec drive from the one person on Ebay that wasn't from China.  Not that I have a problem with international sellers, it's just that I wanted the drive really quick.  Upon receipt, I used the IBM recovery CD and restored my system to factory settings. 



Installing this SSD into my X41T has been the most awesome upgrade that I've ever made on any of my desktops and laptops.  The performance increase is UNBELIEVABLE.  It used to take 4 or 5 minutes to boot, now it's down to about 45 seconds.  Once the desktop shows up on boot, everything is instantly available. Before the upgrade I would see the desktop, but icons were unavailable for minutes while the system continued to boot.  Applications open almost instantaneously and no clicking of the hard drive or noisy fan.  The system is basically very quiet now.


I search and made some tweaks to improve performance and reduce unnecessary writes such as:


a) disabled system restore

b) disabled hibernation

c) disabled virtual memory

d) disabled last access time stamp

e) created ram disk for temporary internet and temp window files

f) disabled disk indexing


I'm certainly no expert, but from what I read, SSDs are slow on small writes, so the ramdrive really helps with temporary files.  I also like the idea that my temporary data gets deleted every time I turn off the computer.   After the tweaks above, my harddrive activity light hardly ever comes on anymore.  Prior to these tweaks, it seemed like the access light was always on. 


I'm about two months out from the upgrade now and I'm so happy that I choose this route.  The drive is totally reliable and I've had absolutely no problems.  The manufacturer says that the endurance is 10GB per day for 80 years.  I'm not so sure about this.  I read somewhere else that the drive was rated for 80GB per day for 10 years.  Either way, if I get four more years out of this hard drive then it was definitely worth the $250 upgrade. My x41T is now my most favorite laptop again.  I also have Fujitsu Lifebook P1610 and a Tohisba tablet.  Both of these computers also suffer from the 4200 RPM harddrive problem.  I never thought that harddrives could affect performance so much, but it's truly amazing the improvement to my X41T.  


Good luck and if you've haven't upgrade definitely consider the KingSpec drive!






















Punch Card
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Re: X41 Tablet - Vista (&HDD replacement)?


Thanks so much for sharing your experience.  It seems we arrived at the same conclusion via different paths.  I also settled on the Kingspec 64GB SSD.  I haven't had the chance to install it yet but will later next week.  I will follow your advice on the post install tweaks - thanks!


What's DOS?
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Re: X41 Tablet - Vista (&HDD replacement)?

Hi Joe,


      I read your posting about the SSD replacement with great interest and immediately ordered a KingSpec 64GB to do the same as you did.  When it arrived I thought I'd clone the new drive to save time and preserve program settings I ahd on the old drive.  That part went fine but when I removed the old HDD and replaced it with the KingSpec the BIOS will not recognize the SSD.

      How did you overcome this problem or did you experience it?  I called the Lenovo Service Center which is here in Atlanta and the fellow I talked to told me it is impossible to install a SSD in a X41 Tablet because both the BIOS and contoller do not support SSDs.  I told him I read that it had been done successfully (referring to your experience, of course).

       Anything you can tell me to overcome this road block would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: X41 Tablet - Vista (&HDD replacement)?

Welcome to the forum, mjd0724!

What type of connection does that KingSpec SSD have? If it's a ZIF, you might have to remove the palmrest to make the adapter fit properly, had to go through that procedure on several X4x units.

The good news is that BIOS and EC definitely support SSD, more on the given issue here:

Good luck.



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Paper Tape
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Re: X41 Tablet - Vista (&HDD replacement)?

Hi Michael,


About a month ago I pulled the King Spec drive out of my X41T and I'm now using it as a portable harddrive. I upgraded to an X200T about a year or so ago.


My recollection is that that there is a jumper setting on the KingSpec drive, did you try changing the setting?  Also, is it possible that the "cloning" of the drive is causing the problem?  I think I did a clean install of windows.  Maybe you could try reformatting the KingSpec drive and putting it in your X41 and see if the computer recognizes it? You still have your old hitachi drive that you can pop in, so its just a matter of seeing if the BIOS will recognize the drive.  I assume that you purchased an external case to do the "cloning", are you able to access files on the KingSpec on your regular computer?


One thing I do want to mention is that at some point (after my post) the KingSpec drive did crash and I was unable to boot my computer.  I bought the drive on Ebay and was thinking I was scammed.  I filled a claim with KingSpec and they actually replaced the drive and after that no problems. I had to send it to some CRAZY address in China.  I was like, "This thing is never coming back to me."  Nevertheless, I did get it back and never had a problem since.  So, my point is maybe you have a defective drive.  But I would try reformating, checking jumper settings, and/or trying to access the files on the KingSpec drive using the external case.


Good luck!



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