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Paper Tape
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X61 Tablet BSOD with XP SP3 using same drive that works fine in another X61 Tablet

I have a wierd problem - I have six X61 Tablets, all with XP SP3.  One of them gets the BSOD on every boot during the XP Logo scroll.  This occurs on both its original drive and if I put in an HDD which works fine in another chassis.  Note that it will copy (clone) that disk fine if I follow normal protocol using Acronis True Image Home 2010 CD (on the ultrabase with either CD or DVD) - it clones USB drive to HDD fine, then that HDD works fine in another chassis, but gives the same BSOD when I try to run it in this chassis.  I am pulling my hair out trying to figure what is different, as I am unaware of any setup or BIOS changes.  Any ideas?  Could a bad CMOS battery cause this?  I have yet to try a new HDD setup from Lenovo disk set, but that is my next try.  I hoped to get insight here first, though.  Thanks in advance.


Joe Holzer

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Re: X61 Tablet BSOD with XP SP3 using same drive that works fine in another X61 Tablet

hey ideaman911,

let me get this straight ...

X61 Tablet (Shoddy) + original HDD = BSOD
X61 Tablet (Good) + original HDD = Perfect
X61 Tablet (Shoddy) + HDD (from X61 Tablet(Good)) = BSOD
X61 Tablet (Good) + HDD (from X61 Tablet (Shoddy) ) = ??

is all the unit at bios version 1.25 ?

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Paper Tape
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎08-08-2008
Location: Liverpool NY
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Re: X61 Tablet BSOD with XP SP3 using same drive that works fine in another X61 Tablet

Well, now I feel like a Putz.  Somehow, the prior user managed to change the SATA setting from the Compatability mode.  It worked fine after I changed that back this evening when I found it.


But in answer to your query;  still working with Bios 1.17 as I had some problems (perhaps not related, but no need to press my luck) when I went to 1.20, so I backed off.  All are at 1.17 now, as they have been for more than five years, and all work fine now.


The drives setup as you asked it is not really understood by me, so let me try to clarify:

The drive which had been in the "bad" chassis works fine in any of the other chassis, and their HDDs got the same BSOD in the "bad" chassis, but worked fine when replaced back into the other chassis.  My note about the Acronis was simply that when I tried to put that "bad " chassis HDD as a USB and put a new HDD in the "bad" chassis, then ran the Acronis CD program (which bypasses XP completely) to clone the disk, the clone worked fine in any other chassis, but not in the "bad" chassis, and its original (itself a clone from another chassis) worked fine in any other chassis as well.  Is that clear as mud?


I cannot fathom what happened.  Two of the six were used by my wife, who stopped using them about six months ago.  I got them as part of the divorce which just finalized, so I cannot be certain she did not do it with intent.  But I really didn't think she knew enough to do that, and she only did it on the one, so it is possible she had some problem and was simply trying changes she knew nothing about in attempting to fix that.  I found the keyboard mouse buttons also not working, but I simply replaced the keyboard, and thought nothing further of that.  So it is possible she had that problem and thought some adjustment to the Bios setting might have been the issue.  It is also possible she asked her "New" IT guy (guess who HAD been providing those services to her medical practice ;-) to look at it - he seemed to me to have fewer than a full compliment of oars in the water, too.  Who knows.  In any case I agreed to give her the HDDs which had been in the two chassis, since I obviously had plenty of clones I could replace them with, and I had no need nor want of her data.


Thanks for trying, and again I am sorry for wasting your time.  The lesson is "don't asssume ANYTHING".


Joe Holzer