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What's DOS?
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X61T - handwriting problems

Hi everyone, I thought I'd post a question and see if I can get some help.


I'm having problems with my lovely new X61T when writing in tablet mode.  I have reinstalled the drivers, but that hasn't solved my problems.


Basically, when I'm in tablet mode, I noticed that my cursor will fly off in different directions if the screen is rotated even the tiniest amount. If all pressure is removed from the screen, it takes a second, but the cursor stabalizes and becomes responsive to my pen again.

Unfortunately, when I write on my tablet, my hand rests on the screen (just like I used to on my previous 2 tablets). This pressure seems enough to throw my cursor off just enough to interfere with my writing.

I have a feeling this is an overactive response to the screen moving. Is there a way to shut it off?

Any thoughts would be helpful! I won't be able to send my machine away for at least another few weeks, and even then, I don't really want to send it away unless i have to!

All the best!

Paper Tape
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Re: X61T - handwriting problems

certainly there is!  Although my cursor wasn't running crazy about I had the same bad experience when my hand was lying down on the screen while jotting.

 To disable it go to control panel->input devices then choose "touch" bookmark and untick the first field saying "use your finger as an input device"

 Hopefully this do the trick!

What's DOS?
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Re: X61T - handwriting problems

Hi bookeater!  Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately my problem remains.  I changed the setting and rebooted to make sure. 


My problem seems to response to any strain on the swivel, but only when its in tablet mode.  If the screen is:

upright ( |_  ),

laying down ( _ _ )   [but not rotated to cover the keyboard],

Half rotated  ( no way to show it), I have no problems whatsoever. 

It is only when the screen is fully in tablet (  =  ) that my problem starts. 


But I am actually glad to have the multitouch disabled for the time being.  I'm interested in having this problems solved before I start taking advantage of the multitouch.


Thanks again!




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Retired SuperMod
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Re: X61T - handwriting problems

Aaron, welcome to the forum,


I suggest as a test you remove the domed Trackpoint cap which is fitted as standard. If the problem goes away it's simply that the is coming into contact with the Trackpoint.


A solution would to be to disable the Trackpoint, not necessarily attractive if you want to use it, or try one of the other two caps you received with your tablet.



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What's DOS?
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Re: X61T - handwriting problems

Wow!  I would never had guess that was the cause of my problem.  It didn't even occur to me!  I will definitely try the other trackpoint caps that came with my laptop, but unfortunately they are sitting in another province!  But in the mean time, I have a workable solution! 


Thanks again for the replies I recieved today!  Your help has been absolutely fantastic!


Much appreciated!


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