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Fanfold Paper
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Yet another Helix display issue

I am not sure if this problem is related to previous problem I've reported, so I'm just opening a new thread.


I've noticed that there is a general problem with grey colors display on my machine.

For example, when I scroll my start screen, which has desktop icons with grey background, when the animation stops the greys 'flicker' for a second (change between different shades of grey) before settling on the final colors.  

I tried to make a movie showing this, but the effect is quite subtle so it doesn't quite show on camera.


Additionally, there is a banding problem with grey gradients - they are not smooth and the borders between different shades of grey can be seen. Again, I couldn't take good picture of this effect.


I've noticed both problems on the Windows metro UI and the xbox music app. I tried to reproduce them using desktop MS Word by drawing a rectangle with grey gradient fill and moving it around, but the gradient seems smooth and the animation is fine.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yet another Helix display issue

I get the same issue. As I posted in other threads, I have tried both an i7 and an i5 model of the helix.. Where I notice this issue the most is in the URL bar for IE 10. When I click refresh or press 'enter', I will sometimes see this flicker in the entire bar.. It looks like a graphical tearing or glitch you would see in a video game when vsync is not properly set. It is definetly isolated to specific parts of the screen. I never saw anything like this on my x220, or my wife's T420/W520 models.

Paper Tape
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Re: Yet another Helix display issue

Got the Flickering too. Its concernig the colours grey, green und sometimes blue. Desactivating the 50Hz mode on battery helped somewhat but the flickering is still extremely annoying!

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