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What's DOS?
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any way to decrease surface friction?

I just bought a x230 and I love it. But I want to do more drawing/painting. The pen seems to slide across the surface to smoothly. Is there any way I can increase the surface friction so it feels more like drawing on paper? Any felt tip pens or screen protectors? Thanks

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Re: any way to decrease surface friction?

The tips that go in the Lenovo x220 pen are the same tips that go in an Intuos 3 Wacom pen.  I know because I have both and bought a kit of replacement nibs direct from Wacom for my Intuos, then later got the 220 and the nibs, as Wacom calls them, are indeed interchangeable.


Specifically, they sell a felt style nib.  Has a nice feel, personally my favorite is the spring loaded nib but it doesn't increase friction, just changes the feel of using the pen with pressure.


The felt nib increases friction, however, they tend to wear out much quicker than a plastic nib version, so if you get a test pack and like them, you might consider buying a bunch of them.  Can order direct from Wacom.

What's DOS?
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Re: any way to decrease surface friction?

Thanks for the reply!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: any way to decrease surface friction?

Thanks Jettatore,

Wacom seems to sell two versions of the felt tip: hard and regular. Which one do you recommend? Would both work in the Thinkpad stylus?
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Re: any way to decrease surface friction?

Don't know on either question.  The ones I have that I know work are black and listed to work in the regular intuos 3 stylus.

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Re: any way to decrease surface friction?

1. Get a rough-surfaced antiglare LCD protection film.

2. Get some Felt-nibs, or Flex-nibs for Intuos Series(they are intended for Intuos according to Wacom, but almost all Wacom pens are compatible. My personal choice is flex-nib)


Felt nibs feel like pencils when they are new, but becomes like an old sharpie as it goes old.

Flex nibs feel like a rubber nib(and that's pretty much what it really is), and it kind of stays that way, though according to my experience they tend to wear out even faster than felt nibs.


Both Felt nibs and Flex nibs wear out much much faster than original plastic nibs, so make sure you stash some spares if you are using the pen extensively.


BTW, for me, regular and hard felt nibs really didn't make much difference in terms of haptic experience... Hard felt nibs did last longer, though...kept that pencil like feeling longer than regular ones.

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Re: any way to decrease surface friction?

Thanks to Lenovo's Assisted Search, here are some citations for those who may be interested in learning more about
the pen and sensing technology....
"Using Wacom's
patented battery-free technology, our pens are cordless and battery-free
providing optimum weight and balance for minimal strain on muscles"
tablets use a patented electromagnetic resonance technology.[14] Since the
tablet provides power to the pen through resonant coupling, no battery or cord
is required for the pointing device. As a result, there are no batteries inside
the pen (or the accompanying puck), which makes them slimmer."
all the current N-Trig tablets are using battery-powered pens. This adds a bit
of weight to the pen, but not much, and I preferred the heft over the
feather-light Wacom pens. The AAAA battery supposedly lasts for thousands of
hours, and though uncommon, it is a standard size. I spotted it at Rite-Aid and
CVS, so no need to special order one when it runs out. N-Trig does make a
digitizer that can work with a battery-free pen, but vendors don’t seem to be
going for that. Wacom pens are always battery-free and last for

Lenovo never used N-Trig in their tablet PCs, only wacom, which
never used batteries in their pens.

Here's an announcement from the X41
tablet, Lenovo's first of this series:
the leading pen tablet manufacturer, announced today that its Penabled(R)
cordless, battery-free pen technology has been selected for the Lenovo ThinkPad
X41 Tablet - the first convertible Tablet PC from the ThinkPad portfolio. "

Thank you for being a part of the Lenovo Family,


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