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What's DOS?
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on screen keyboard?

i've gone through the steps for a clean install and everything seems to be working fine except the on screen displayed keyboard.  i'm not sure if there is a setting i haven't turned on or a driver i've over looked.  any suggestions?


thank you in advance!

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Re: on screen keyboard?

Sadly, there is more than one and assuming you're referring to faily that one that appears at windows logon then it is a DLL that has to be registered in hopes to return functioanlity.  Without any other details and I hope this is sweepstakes since you've described very little but for an issue opposite of yours.



More people actually despite the startup keyboard and want to know how to get rid of it, so with being said you may actually be the kind of person who chooses to hang out in front of the free clinic that treats the STD's instead of using eharmonry or like the rest of us.


From a shell, enter the following commands as they're posted and you can even just copy the following block of text since the shell will interpret both and execute accordingly.


regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\loginkey.dll"

regsvr32 "C:\Windows\System32\loginkey.dll"


And a good idea but not exactly nor always a necessity is verify ctfmon.exe is set to execute at system boot and this can be done inside MSConfig / Startup tab.  It is typically installed with MS Office version almost.ALL and is their alterantive te3xt input module, despite the fact the boot up keyboard is separate from ctfmon, we've seen intances where one is capable of trampling over the other and the tabtip keyboard is lost and anand be revivsed with the dll reigsrrations and renabling ctfmon.


There is anohter onscreen keyboard and inclued with every version of Windows we've used since Bill Clinton was president and even grinning in his chair and is part of the Windows Accessbility Features. It is osk.exe and can be accessed after successful logn and entered as the executble or a shortcut into your starupyt roup from :




Some of our tablet users prefer osk in lieu of the tabtip board since the tabtip board likes to dock and allocate a section of screen where OSK is easily resized and can float above most other windows wihtout shourldering a piece of screenestate from the rest of your deswktop.

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What's DOS?
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Re: on screen keyboard?

The information was helpful...all except where I can download the loginkey.dll. Mine is missing and I cannot access the on-screen keyboard without it.

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Re: on screen keyboard?

[ Edited ]

I'm wondering if Windows forgot to turn on Tablet PC Components. Have you checked that? I'm not sure if the pen should even work if they're off, but it's worth a try, right?



Try writing "features" in Start menu and then choose "Turn Windows features on or off". From the dialog that pops up make sure Tablet PC Components is checked. If it's not, check it and press OK. Rebooting might not be compulsory, even though Windows suggests doing that.

   If it on the other hand is checked already, try unchecking it, pressing OK, coming back to the dialog and re-checking it. This forces Windows to re-install those features.

   Also, try writing "keyboard" in the Start menu and choosing "Turn on-screen keyboard on or off". It should pop up in the search results if Tablet PC Components are enabled.



Open the Start menu and type "calibrate", then click "Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input". From there, go to the Other tab and click "Go to Input Panel Settings". There you can control how and when the on-screen keyboard appears onto the screen. Regarding the keyboard docking vs. floating: you can control and change the behavior in this settings dialog.



I realize that AGoodSolution is trying to get your on-screen keyboard to appear during login, but are you having trouble getting it to work in general, globally in Windows?

   If not, enabling the keyboard during login is done via "Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard" (search it using the Start menu again) and checking "Use On-Screen Keyboard" from the dialog that pops up.
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