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"Irreparable battery damage" error, worse than I've found in other posts

Like a great many users here in a great many posts throughout the past few years, I have the "Irreparable Battery Damage" error on my X60 Tablet laptop. But the scenario for mine is apparently worse than the others, as everyone else has either been helped by the recall (which I didn't know about, and likely would have missed anyway), or by purchasing a new battery (which thus far has likewise been a failure).


Here's a timeline; the machine itself is the X60 tablet 6365. There are some long gaps in here due to the problem being a low priority for a very long time for me, as this is a secondary system that, aside from a short period during its second year, has never been used extensively.


February 2007: System was purchased new, with two 8-cell batteries, everything works beautifully.


December 2008: The first battery produces the "Irreparable Battery Damage has been detected" message. At this point the computer is nearly 2 years old, and that battery had seen the most use, so I think little of it and switch to using the second battery. The computer also shifts back into a role as a secondary machine, and sees minimal use for quite some time.


January 2011: The second battery finally produces its "Irreparable Battery Damage" message. The system being nearly 4 years old now, I again think little of it and go to order a replacement from Batteries Plus. The battery is backordered and takes quite some time to arrive, but the computer, again, is seeing minimal use and is shuffled off to the side until needed again.


June 2011: At last I both have the new battery, and a need for the laptop, so the new battery goes into the system, and IMMEDIATELY generates the "Irreparable Battery Damage" message. Assuming I've received a defective battery, I return it to the store a short while later, where it is sent out for tests. It is returned after being tested and cleared as good, holding a 100% charge. I am advised by the store clerk that sometimes the problem lies in the power supply, and elect to wait until I can purchase a new one to try the battery again.


November 2011: New power supply is purchased, and I discover the battery itself was left elsewhere in a move. Battery is found but can't be returned until January; power cord is tested on the old battery, which still generates the error message.


Here's the key event that makes this one difficult:

January 2012: New battery is reacquired, and both battery and power supply are swapped out. The machine runs under its own power for the first time in over a year, for a span of less than 5 minutes, then kicks into hibernation mode again. When restarted, the battery is once again generating the "Irreparable Battery Damage." The only change at this point is that, when I pull the plug, it maintains enough power to go into hibernation mode, whereas in the past it would immediately die, so there is at least something coming from the battery, but still not enough to make it a portable system once again.


At this point, I will try any suggestion short of throwing it out a window, I've exhausted my google skills trying to find a problem similar to this one, as each occurrence I find is solved by simply replacing the battery (which, I will note, did work the first time, just not the second one). Is the "Irreparable Battery Damage" problem bigger than it initially seemed? Is there another problem at play here? Is there something on this site that I can't find that will help? Seriously, I'll take anything.

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