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Blue Screen Again
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"You are running out of disk space..."

I have an X301 with a 128 GB SSD. I am getting a warning that reads "You are running out of disk space on Lenovo (QSmiley Happy". The warning opos up every few minutes. I know the Q: partition is for the recovery files, and it is in fact full. How do I get this message to stop bothering me, or is there something else I'm supposed to be doing?

lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: "You are running out of disk space..."

after you burnt the recovery media from the Q partition, doesn't the system gives you an option to recover the space from it???


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Blue Screen Again
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Re: "You are running out of disk space..."

I haven't burned any recovery media. Maybe that's the problem. Thanks for the reply.

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Re: "You are running out of disk space..."

We remove the recovery partitions from our systems and resize the systems with larger data partitions to store Acronis / Ghost images instead of restore-reinstall.


Backing up a partition to an image file on the same physical HDD takes minutes and our SSD's take less than three minutes to backup a 5GB %systemdrive% and about 6 minutes to restore it.


When a service pack, piece of specious software or anything else blows up the OS, we remimage from the last backup and avoid wasting time trying to diagnose the inisdious issues endemic to Windows version whatever.blownUP.


Ask yourself how many hours you've ever wasted diagnosing an annoying or debilitating Windows issue and had to revert to Google searches after nothing else worked and being relegated to the forum postings from unverified sources just to realize their tips didn't apply to your problem. 


Tally up the hours wasted this way before relenting and reinstalling and piecing back the data from jump drives and realizing there was still some important data you lost due to the unreliability of Windows.


The small OS / large data partition method I suggested is an industry best practice used in enterprise servers except commonly on RAID arrays and network backups.  Since a Thinkpad isnt' designed to be tethered to a network and ArcServ, you can rely on yourself to keep your  backup and just as easily burn those onto DVD's if you'd like to keep a library of restores.

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