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touchscreen drivers after reformatting harddrive and upgrading OS

Sorry, this is somewhat of a stupid question: I'm looking at purchasing a used X200t or X61t and I want to do a clean wipe with a disk reformat. Are the drivers listed under the model on the website sufficient to get full tablet and laptop functionality back or is there additional software I'm going to need to get the laptop software back to factory condition.



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Re: touchscreen drivers after reformatting harddrive and upgrading OS

Good Morning,


Yes, you will be able to get all of the necessary drivers after you reformat by using the following link: and downloading Thinkvantage System Update. 


I hope this helps.

Serge E. Minott
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Re: touchscreen drivers after reformatting harddrive and upgrading OS

If you are going to get an x200t and run Windows 7 on it, you may need to replace the display, display cable and systemboard in order for stylus functionality.


We found that some tablets would blue screen when the stylus touched the display even though it worked 100% of the time with WinXP.


We ran into this issue this summer at the school where I work.


We have 19 Seniors that have these tablets, and over the years some have already had the display and lcd cable replaced from damage. In Spring of 2011 Lenovo made an engineering change where you receive a display originally designed for the x201t. When you receive this replacement display, you also have to replace the lcd cable due to the plug size on one of them being different.


The way you can tell if you need to replace the display and cable without really tearing it down is to remove the nameplate underneath the display (5 screws) and see if there is a part installed in the lower right hand corner (as you are looking at the display).  If there is no part there, you are fine.  If there is, you will need the parts I mentioned replaced.


Lenovo support techs I have spoke with tell me there are no drivers or firmware updates available, and he suggested we swap out the parts I mentioned above. Lo and behold it did work.



BUT, you will have to reinstall Windows after making the hardware changes. We had to reimage our machines again after making the changes.



It is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds, but it is what we found that worked for us.



Oh yes, the x61t has NO problems whatsoever even though it is even older technology.

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