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(video proof) Escalating clear hardware flaw please?

Dear Lenovo forum admins,


I've found clear proof of the cause for the white spots in the lower right area of the X220(T) screen described also at the non-T X220 forum:


In all screen modules I've had replaced in my X220T, there is a PCB pressed against a support pad and the diffusion layer inside the screen. You see as I move my hand in the video, the pressure point remains in the same location. In fact, pressing the back of the screen doesn't cause ripples to appear anywhere else as the chassis material is so rigid and well supported. However, there is something in there which repeatedly causes a dent on the screen.


Lenovo replaced the screen twice already, and this is the 3rd time in row this happens. With my X220T, I've gone through six warranty repairs, and this will be the seventh. I have all service history archived from three past years. I'm running out of warranty in January, and December 4th called the warranty service for advice. I kindly asked them to escalate the issue and provide service history to a support e-mail address. They agreed and gave instructions on what info to provide.


Despite of making ESC calls and asking again via e-mail, this issue remains unresolved. I'm afraid that my screen won't be repaired in time. In fact, after six warranty services, I've requested to escalate the case.


Please, @Mark_Lenovo or somebody else -- could you give me a hand with this problem? May I PM you my info? You've been a serious help in these kinds of things before.



Posts: 196
Registered: ‎06-12-2011
Location: A Finn living in the NL
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Re: (video proof) Escalating clear hardware flaw please?

My warranty ends the day after tomorrow (January 9th), and I really don't have any clue if my December 4th (2014) case is being handled.

There has been no response in a month...

I used the "CB status" button at the IBM ESC service to try and speed up the process.

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