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Paper Tape
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x200 not being much of a tablet

I've got an x200 tablet that doesn't do so well as a tablet.
I've gotten everything from the dreaded blue screen when the pen is touched to it,  to it being totally unresponsive to pen input. Everything but the tablet issue seems to work fine. Hasn't been dropped, smashed or had any liquids poured on it. Also has (had?) an obnoxious amount of antivirus/spyware/ect. software.
Downloaded every driver, went back to several restore points and even took it all the way back to its out of the box state with recovery disks.
Took it into the tech/repair center at my university. They had it for three weeks and didn't know what to do with it either...
It's still under warranty, but even if it's not somehow covered I'd much rather pay repair costs than buy a new computer.
So what the heck do I do with it now? Send it back to the company? (Really resisting the urge to set it on fire.)

Serial Port
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Re: x200 not being much of a tablet

Which O/S are you running?  


I have an X200T (7448-CTO) and, after about 1.5 years under Vista, it started to develop severe flakiness (e.g. frequent IE and Office app crashes) although the tablet functionality was still working OK.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and  install Windows 7 fresh (not an upgrade over Vista).  The process that Win7 uses is interesting in that it places the previous (Vista) Windows directory in something called Windows.old.   It does not reformat the drive nor does it delete any other directories on C:/.  That process worked great for me (NB was/is virus free) although, in your case, I wonder if it wouldn't be smarter to relocate all of your documents and settings (e.g. favorites, contacts) to another storage medium and, quite literally, reformat the entire hard drive before installing a new O/S.  After Win7 has completed, install the Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox and it will perform all of the driver upgrades which, in my case, went near flawlessly.   All of my peripheral worked right away including the tablet functionality.  I did have to recalibrate the pen/tablet and work through the handwriting recognition training, but those tasks are only tedious, not difficult.  The only small issue I had, initially, was a SmartAudio driver error which, somehow, fixed itself.   


I know that some people have reported issues with Win7/Thinkpad compatibility, but I can only report a complete success -- even the GPS works (which never did in the past).   My NB runs faster with no compatibility issues at all.  Sometimes there is no substitute for starting with a clean slate -- kinda like moving to a new apartment or house.  Anyone who has done it is usually incredulous at the amount of trash left behind and how much leaner one becomes... 


Let us know what you decide to do.




Paper Tape
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Re: x200 not being much of a tablet

The computer came Vista downgraded to Windows XP, but I've been running Windows 7 on it for around 8-ish months with no problems. 

During my own troubleshooting I bounced back and forth between three versions with no luck. (First tried with Win7, then re-installed it, then permanently uninstalled it and tried running just on XP, then used the Vista recovery disks that were packaged with the computer.)  The school's tech support guys looked at it and said even tried Linux...but found no such luck.

It's got Windows 7 back up and running now. Everything works fine, lest for the terrible things that happen with tablet functions.

If it were a driver issue, the total system recovery should have fixed that? I've also downloaded every freaking driver from the support website.


Every applicable driver.


I feel like it may be a hardware/parts issue?


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