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Blue Screen Again
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x200T screen warped (noticable play in tablet mode)

Hello all...


I just bought a the Lenovo x200tablet (ordered 4/2/09)...great system, btw...however....


When I close the lid to enter tablet mode, the screen does not rest solidly on the rubber risers on the latch side's corners. There is a small gap, large enough for about 6 or 7 stacked business cards at each corner. As a result, when you are inking in the corners in the left edge of the screen, there is a noticable amount of play. As a test, I tried to see if business cards would make a did, but it is certainly not ideal....


The latch is secure and fully engaged. I placed a metal ruler along the bezel, directly over the latch and camera module and can confirm that the screen is warped by about 1-2mm in each corner. If placing the ruler on the reverse side, if I fully depress the lower edge of the frame onto the lower risers, a ~4-5mm gap emerges at the opposite corner...most often where I am inking.


I have been very delicate and careful using my tablet...I know that it is not because of sheer force or torquing of the lid when opening/closing, etc.


How many owners have this problem? Any recommended method to correct this problem?


I can foresee that studying powerpoint lectures 10-14 hrs a day for med school (starting August) on this warped screen may be a serious issue. 







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Re: x200T screen warped (noticable play in tablet mode)

If the laptop is suffering manufacturing and material defects, then it is time to call the service department and get it checked out. The last thing you want is a broken new tablet laptop, especially given your busy schedule. 

Jin Li

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