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x230T Touchpad Not Registering Clicks for Some Games

Hi, I got this Lenovo x230 Tablet about two months I think and so far I love it. There is one issue that I do not understand what the problem is, which means I can not fix it.


I did not get the laptop for gaming purposes, however there are some rather old games (by today's standards) that would run with no issue with the specs on the laptop, and I know that some of them work fine. The problem is that the others do not seem to register neither the touchpad taps & clicks, nor the keyboard Left & Right Clicks. And using the touchscreen does not work either (although I was not expecting it to).


The cursor moves just fine and it shows options being highlighted in the game's opening menu. Even the game keyboard shortcuts worked fine, just not any clicks or taps. I have gotten it to register a few times, but only when I have the game windowed and click back into the window it will register the click where it was, for that split second.


I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice for me. Anything would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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