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Paper Tape
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x60t: is it possible to install 4965AGN wireless card?

Dear readers,

I recently got hold of a x60 tablet and I'd like to get rid of the internal intel 3945ABG wireless, since it runs too hot for my tastes and leads to high temperatures of the right palmrest.

The new intel 4965AGN wireless card is rumored to remain relatively cool.

Is the 4965AGN compatible to my x60t?

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Re: x60t: is it possible to install 4965AGN wireless card?

weezer wrote:
Is the 4965AGN compatible to my x60t?

Unfortunately, not at this time.  Perhaps in the future?!?
In any case, the 4965AGN does not have a significantly differemet thermal characteristis from the 3945ABG.  It is the Atheros based WiFi card fitted to some X60 systems which is frequently reported as being a contribuing factor to hot plam rests.
As far as I'm aware there is no particular plam rest heat issues with either of the Intel Wi Fi cards.

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