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x61t MT/MV screen issue

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Hey all,

I've had my MT/MV x61t a few weeks now, and overall it's been a great little machine. It's had a screen issue since I received it however (not the bezel issue). I'd describe it as though the screen were two layers thick and there's a gap between them, such that when I touch the screen there's initial contact and then secondary contact as the top layer gets pushed down. (If I had to guess I'd speculate it has something to do with the digitizer layer and the screen itself not being completely in contact with one another.) The space comes and goes and is worse when the tablet is cold or has been left in tablet mode. It has an effect on input sensitivity, which is the main reason I'm worried about it. I'd like to send it in but have been concerned that the problem is both subtle and not always apparent. I talked to tech support (was hoping to exchange/return) but they didn't really ask for a thorough description of the issue and I'm a bit afraid of sending it in if the problem can't be found or fixed.

Edit: in further tests with graphics programs this otherwise subtle problem seems to have a pretty severe effect on levels of pressure sensitivity. Where there is separation the pen input sensitivity is all-or-none, with intermediary gradations being all but lost. Now I'm very inclined to get it repaired if possible. Anyone have any experience with the turnaround time on repairs? I've only had this computer a short while, (In fact I'm still actually trying to resolve an overcharge issues on the original order placed on 12/02 but that's a whole other beast) and I lack on alternate in the meanwhile. . .

Further update: After leaving in tablet mode overnight, it's gotten notably worse. Passive touchscreen barely works anymore & the screen is blurry in the center from the second layer popping away. Order issue got resolved though!

Thinks for any input or help!

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