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Paper Tape
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x61t bluetooth issue? I lose bluetooth connectivity "every other" sleep cycle

I just reinstall a fresh update of my x61 tablet and have it in a docking station hooked to my 27" dell widescreen (woohoo! it's nice)


I have a logitech mx5000 bluetooth keyboard and an mx laser mouse, both using the built in bluetooth, verus logitech bluetooth dongle/software...  (I didn't want to add a second bluetooth radio and more crappy software)


it boots up fine, works great but when it goes to sleep and then comes back awake, the bluetooth is gone and no keyboard/mouse.


I put back to sleep and wake a second time and it's all back to normal (slight delay in connecting)


go to sleep the 3rd time, I lose bluetooth, 4th time, all is back to normal?!?!?!?


I can repeatably get this to occur, every other time?



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