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I've been wanting an X series Thinkpad for a very long time and the only thing that stopped me was waiting for a 3:2 type aspect ratio and the need for an International keyboard, i.e. something other than USA layout.


Whilst I'm aware that you can change it virtually in the system, it is the physical layout itself that makes the difference, extra buttons and what not.


Meanwhile I've been researching all these years how to get the physical keyboard I desired on the prospective Thinkpad I would buy, whilst waiting for a 3:2 update in terms of formfactor (and better bezel disappearance + higher quality webcam). I've found that my main options are to go to the specific website of that specific nationality/country/language to supposedly buy it that way, according to a couple of advises from forums and chat support, which by the way differs EXPONENTIALLY IN PRICE and that's not even adding to it the cost of international shipping. The other one is to buy the laptop in its USA layout and get it changed later but the parts would be around $300+ alone. 


Thinkpads are known for being superior in keyboard quality, used by INTERNATIONAL professionals, whether it be people in business or those in journalism. It's ridiculous, Apple offers this option for free. 


Which is why I caved and bought myself a better ratio'd Macbook with a Danish Keyboard, affordable overall.


The keyboard is trash and I'm dying. Hurry up, Lenovo, catch up.